Meet your daily needs easily through these online grocery stores in Bali. You will not only get the best quality local and imported products, but it will also delivered directly to your place.


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In support of the local food community impacted by the pandemic, Luxofood have put extra effort and accelerated the newly-opened depot in Bali. Still, you can expect the same level of personal service by Luxofood customer care, all trained-professionally in Jakarta before stationed as their inhouse team. Luxofood also equipped their delivery workforce with a team of local staff, on-the-standby and around-the-clock, just for you.

To help you jumpstart with Luxofood Luxofood are giving you a 10% off and free shipping on your first order.

So, get ready to enjoy all the benefits that LuxoFood Bali offers. Your most trusted One-Stop-Food Solution – anytime, anywhere!

2. Compass Fresh Bali

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Since 2013 Compass Fresh has been a high-quality food provisioning service for Resorts, Villa’s and Yachts in Indonesia. The mission was to work out where to find the best products to offer to customers and ensure to deliver it anywhere in Indonesia in the freshest state. Compass Fresh only accepts the highest quality of goods, sourced from its suppliers. If it isn’t up to scratch, it won’t be shipped. The fisheries are also bought straight from the fishermen and the exporters. As well as the fruits and vegetables that come from the farms, and the meat which is sourced from both the importers and top-end local producers. Everything we provide can go straight to your kitchen refrigerator.

3. Alive Wholefoods

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Alive Wholefoods has passionately sourced Bali’s cleanest and greenest suppliers of all-natural wholefoods & healthcare. Focusing on providing an all-natural shopping experience buying goods to support stellar local eco-farmers on the island. As well as offering a selection of your favorite imported goods that are difficult sourced in Bali. All of the items are organic where possible, preservative + additive free & made with love and care. The shop also chooses to wrap in banana leaf, provides foods in bulk, and limits plastic where possible. You can order the product online directly to its website and it will be delivered to your place safely. Alive Wholefoods also has a stand-alone store you can visit.

​4. Bali Direct

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Bali Direct is the home delivery service that brings the best groceries, organic greens, and natural health products from local producers
to your doorstep. The majority of the fresh produce comes from its own farm in Baturiti. Grown on virgin volcanic soils with zero chemical inputs from farm-saved seeds or seeds sourced from suppliers committed to non-GMO production. Some products that are not able to cultivate organically for technical reasons, or not in sufficient quantity, Bali Direct will source them from Bedugul wholesale market.

5. Meatshop Grocery Bali

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The shop offers premium and fresh meat, as well as fish and other cooking ingredients. To support your cooking during #StayatHome, Meatshop Grocery Bali also has a delivery service with a guarantee that your order will remain fresh when it arrives at your door.

6. Bali Food Passion


Bali food passion company is the online shopping company that provides services in selling and distributing imported fresh groceries straight directly right in front of the customers’ door. This online shopping company has been created to cover the direct, fastest shopping online supply for personal, family, corporate or commercial public food servicing. Selling only the fresh imported grocery products with the license to sell, special brand, and the time consuming of validation product uses.

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