Long haul flight can really taking its toll on travellers. Even if you put your compression pants or socks on, there’s always that feeling (and look!) of fatigue that bothers you, not to mention the discomfort of headache, or even changes in appetite. Eeeks!

Now, before you struggle with juggling the holiday schedule in between early waking or excessive sleepiness, enter Shine Spa at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort….


Adding on to the extensive array of body and facial treatment portfolio, Shine Spa at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort introduces a new treatment for jet-lagged travelers called the Dry Massage.

Dry Massage is inspired by the practice of Thai Massage, an energizing and uplifting full body treatment that opens the joints and increases the body’s energy flow and muscle flexibility; improving postural body alignment. As the name suggests, the treatment uses no oil and is performed using different compressing and stretching actions that are similar to those used in yoga. The high amount of stretching movements also has therapeutic effects and affects the energy balance throughout the body.

Dry Massage at Shine Spa

On top of that, the treatment also has a range of health benefits; it relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation, and reduces sleep problems. The Dry Massage is perfect for those that are experiencing high level of fatigue or exhaustion, therefore making it a go to treatment for people that are jetlagged or that have just got off a long haul flight. Dry Massage is available for 75 minutes for IDR 700,000++ and 105 minutes for IDR 900,000++.

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