We are currently living in an era where everything is screened. Following the enthusiastic receptions of golf simulator which is hugely popular in South Korea and Australia, it now has come to Indonesia with Denpasar-Bali as the home. Founded by PT. FIRST VALUE INDONESIA and come up with the name “BALI SCREEN GOLF”, We take a golf simulator to the next level with the most advanced technology that would make hours go by in a flash. The jaw-dropping screen is in full HD graphics with 1920×1080 quality. Supported by two high-precision and maximum-speed cameras to help in measuring the precise shot data analysis movement of the club and the ball.

Bali Screen Golf offers 2 large simulator rooms that accommodate up to 6 players in each room and fully equipped with air conditioner and super-cozy couch in the room, the sofa in the waiting room, fresh drinks and extra-clean restroom. The player can also borrow shoes, golf glove, and golf clubs without any additional charges. The simulator uses the most advanced technology that comes with auto tie machine, swing plate, shock-absorbing matting mat fairway, censor to analyze the hand’s movement pattern of the swing as well as driving range mode that provides players to view video playback comparison. There are more than 150 maps to choose from and it’s very safe for the players as the screen restrains the ball to bounce back towards the shooter.

Prices range is fairly affordable starts from IDR 200K/game for 9-hole, IDR 300K/game for 18-hole, driving range is IDR 200K. You can also enjoy our golf lesson for IDR 3000K that gives you 10 hours of a lesson in a month (reservation is required) and golf diet with 12 weeks weight loss program and 12 hours with a personal instructor in a month with a price of IDR 400K/month. Or you can simply make your golf life easier with our exclusive membership with only IDR 2000K/month that gives you 1 hour of driving range every day. For 1 hour of 18-hole game every day, the rate is only IDR 2500K/ month. You are also offered an extra 30% discount on games and 10% off on food & beverages as our membership’s benefit. If you are eager to get your day started with golf, you can enjoy our early bird’s programs with 50% discount starts from 6 am – 1 pm (reservation is required 1 day prior).



If you are a pro or a regular player, we are calling you to join THE 1st GOLF SIMULATOR TOURNAMENT IN INDONESIA on 21st December 2019 – 26 January 2020 with only IDR 200K registration fee. Earn yourself total cash of IDR 5000K and trophy by playing more frequent to gain additional points. There are 9 selected maps to choose from and we will select the winners based on 3 best scores from 3 different maps. There are other awards for you to win as well; Most Join Awards, Most Effort Awards, and Lucky draws.


 BALI SCREEN GOLF is founded by PT. VALUE PERTAMA INDONESIA and located at Jl. Raya Sesetan no. 300, on the 2nd floor. You can swing everyday start from 1 pm until 10 pm. Come and swing your day away with us at the first golf simulator in Indonesia at BALI SCREEN GOLF.

Address: Jl. Raya Sesetan No. 300, 2nd floor, Denpasar Selatan, Bali-80223

Phone: 0361-448 3837

Instagram: @bali.screengolf

Web: www.baliscreengolf.com