If you’ve been on this island for a while you’ll eventually find yourself assimilating the local ways; the culture, taste for local cuisine, and maybe even the way you dress. And your accent? That too.

We noticed some quirks that might have caught on after being in Bali for a while and would like to share them with you.

Image by Biz Evde Yokus

Your first time in Bali might still remain vivid for you, when you explored nothing but the touristy neighborhoods of Kuta and Seminyak. As time goes by, you head off exploring to see what else Bali has to offer. You know the best and most affordable places to eat, you master surfing and know all the good surf spots like the back of your hand, you’ve been to all the temples, and even  explored Bali’s off the beaten track.

But what does this make you? A Bali guide contacted by friends and families from all over the world who ask: “Where do you think I should stay, eat, and party?” And you know exactly where.

How about your fashion sense? No more high heels, less make up, and not having a hair dryer? Check, check, check! But it does not stop there. After being in Bali for a long time, you will most likely be invited to a Balinese family event, or attend traditional ceremonies. This requires you to dress up in proper Balinese attire – with a headdress called an udeng, a sarong, and a wrap called a saput, together with a safari-style shirt for men. And for the ladies? A kebaya, sarong and a waist sash. Now go check your closet. How many sets of these do you have?

And punctuality? Eeeks! After living in Bali, you’ll eventually realize that life here is rather laid-back.

Whether or not we are turning into a Balinese, we believe that we are are simply synchronizing with Bali. It is a nirvana version of a cultural melting pot, a heaven on earth with its natural wonders, and generally a happy place with a lot of sunshine.


Oh, and here’s another sign…you smile more. The sunshine and the warm hospitable culture is indeed a source of happiness!  It is fuel for life.

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