Finally, The KATCHAFEST grand event was successfully and joyfully held by TT Beach Club, which is a family of Ini Vie Hospitality. Saturday, August 6th, 2022, became history for the world of Indonesian music, especially for reggae musicians and music lovers. After the last 2 years of being hindered by the pandemic, Bali finally bounced back. Right in The Melasti Beach area, thousands of audiences from local, domestic and foreign tourists flooded the Biggest Reggae Festival in Indonesia. Almost 70% of the audiences who came were dominated by foreign nationals.

It was opened by the well-known local reggae band Ulu Roots, successfully greeting the audience who had been in the venue from noon. Followed by Ras Muhamad, Indonesian Reggae Ambassador. His presence is still greatly missed by his fans. Many of the audience did not hesitate to sway and sing along. After that, welcomed by the much-awaited guest star, Katchafire, this reggae band from New Zealand has indeed managed to hypnotize the eyes of thousands of audiences, a series of favorite songs from Love Letter, Get Away, to the reggae anthem Three Little Birds really that hypnotize the entire audience to get involved in it. Even though it was raining, the rain did not shake the audience to rush out of the area, instead, they were drowning into the strains of Katchafire music.


After being pampered by the sparkling leading reggae stars, TT Beach Club also offers several Food and Drink Stations located in the FnB area, with cocktails, mocktails, pizza, and some of the favorite menus from TT Beach Club itself are also offered here. Reportedly, the success of KATCHAFEST itself is not the end of proving that TT Beach Club is committed to advancing Bali tourism again, but this is the beginning of a series of other long journeys, by bearing a new, stronger identity, TT Beach Club wants to continue to innovate and be creative. Even TT Beach Club plans to hold other big events that are no less spectacular, So Get Ready For The Next Big Event!

Website: | Katchafest Website: WhatsApp: +62 812 3776 3903 | Hotline: +62 361 6200 688