At Hyatt, we care for people so they can be their best, and one of the ways to pledge our commitment to care is by ensuring that the brand’s practices are environmentally responsible and sustainable. As a part of this vision Grand Hyatt Bali has implemented a sustainability framework that focuses on reducing energy and water consumption, food waste management, and supply chain sustainability.

Following green initiatives, Grand Hyatt Bali is currently working on waste management, composting and eco enzyme making The aim of the program is to produce our own organic compost from greeneries (grass and fallen leaves) and food waste. The program is incorporated into the daily operations of hotel departments by segregating the waste into three different vessels in a dedicated area. Meanwhile, inorganic waste such as plastic, glass bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard are being transferred to a third party to be processed or repurposed responsibly.

Waste reduction is a core pillar of the environmental sustainability strategy at Hyatt In conjunction with this, Grand Hyatt Bali is advancing the best practice of in-house eco enzyme making. This method uses the fermentation process and transforms organic waste, like vegetable and fruit waste into water that can be used for watering the plants By extension, the program also aims to support the local government’s efforts to solve Bali’s landfill issue.

Sustainability Food Festival
By implementing the philosophy “Food thoughtfully sourced, carefully served”, Grand Hyatt Bali strives to offer healthy choices to our guests by working together with local suppliers, supporting options such as organic or antibiotic-free, and identifying options with a low environmental impact. For example, the resort has been sourcing its seafood from small business enterprises in order to support the local economy, while helping reduce emissions and carbon footprint. In addition, Grand Hyatt Bali sources some vegetables, herbs, and spices from its own backyard, at the Chef’s Garden adjacent to Garden Café, the all-day dining restaurant.

Grand Hyatt Bali is also participating in Bali Hotel Association’s Sustainable Food Festival, slotted for 27 September until 16 October 2021. With more than 25 five-star hotels in Bali participating, the food festival aims to raise awareness of the island’s movement toward a sustainable future with tangible actions already in place. The festival will see a curated menu made of locally and responsibly sourced ingredients, as well as fun programs and educational activities related to sustainability efforts.

Earlier Efforts
Grand Hyatt Bali’s earlier sustainability efforts include d collaboration with SensorFlow, a Singapore-based prop-tech startup that leverages the Internet of Things ( and artificial intelligence ( technology to help optimize energy efficiency by implementing smart energy automation solutions in the resort’s 636 guest rooms.

A collaboration with LSSINDO, an electricity-saving solutions company in Indonesia, also takes place at Grand Hyatt Bali. The project involves customizing the water pumps used for the swimming pools to maximize electrical efficiency up to 70% while improving the water quality and flow.

Environmental Officer
To ensure the sustainability programs are implemented successfully Grand Hyatt Bali has appointed a dedicated Environmental Officer for the resort Ahliana. “As an Environmental Officer, I am responsible to keep an eye on the ongoing sustainability programs, plan strategies to improve our environmental quality, and educate my colleagues about the importance of sustainability. For me, sustainability is meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” she states.

“It’s important to balance our economic, environmental and social needs for now and future generations Ahliana continued There is one local value that I highly cherish which is Tri Hita Karana the three causes of well being comprising harmonization with God, nature, and human beings

For future programs, Grand Hyatt Bali will focus on building solar panels and improving the environment including producing organic pesticides to terminate white insects and making our own organic pet food pellets to feed the resident ducks and fish by processing food waste. In addition, Grand Hyatt Bali will also collaborate with other foundations and parties to support the local community’s sustainability efforts.