The ONE Legian hotel located at Jalan Legian No.117, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali has successfully and smoothly held Piodalan Ceremony on Monday, March 9, 2020.

This is the ninth annual event where a series of events from the previous few days have also been actively carried out such as cleaning, decorating pelinggih and making a gebogan for each department.

Piodalan started at 05.00 am with a mebat activity by the Hindu Committee team, all employees to the managerial level of The ONE Legian, followed by the gebogan assessment at 09.30 then the procession of the ceremony at 10:00 was led by Ida Pandita Mpu Agni Patni. Before the prayers began, the Hindu Committee also presented the Rejang Dance & Mekidung which was performed solemnly.

This time Piodalan feels different, even though it is held every year and always manages to tighten the team, but the corona issue that hits the whole world, including Indonesia and Bali, makes devotion of prayer many times over,” said Sang Putu Eka Pertama, General Manager of The ONE Legian.

Eka Pertama added that Piodalan this year also celebrated The ONE Legian for the upcoming age of 9. “We hope for the best for not only this hotel as a company, but also for employees and colleagues who have become part of our family. We hope that tourism and economic conditions both globally and nationally are better,

optimist we can face and rise from the current situation and conditions, “he added.

At this event also invited Mr. Ida Bagus Purwa Sidemen, S.Ag., M.Sc., Executive Director of PHRI Bali who gave offerings of Sidakarya Mask Dance and Dharma Wacana for all employees who are expected to be motivated in their working and personal lives.

Chairman of The ONE Legian Hindu Committee, Ketut Marina, said that related to the series of Piodalan events, his party has carried out the nunas tirta and cleaning to several temples, such as Pura Melanting, Pura Dalem Ped, Pura Candi Narmada, Pura Griya Anyar and Pura Sidakarya.

Piodalan is one of our medium to communicating with God, so visiting, taking holy water and cleaning the temple area before Piodalan Day becomes important, and at the same time asking for permission to be given fluency in the event,” said Ketut Marina.

Followed by 80 employees and the managerial associates of The ONE Legian, Piodalan was generally intended for the progress, health, and prosperity of The ONE Legian and was able to go through difficult times both currently faced and in the future. Hopefully everything is always facilitated.

The ONE Legian
Jl. Legian No.117