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Asian Intercultural School Bali

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Asian Intercultural School

Asian Intercultural School, Bali aims at the creation of a community of knowledgeable, self-reliant, principled and caring individuals, who by the content of their character and the superiority of judgment would be able to lead the world.

They believe that there is genius in every child and that it is the task of the educators to draw it out and to enable the student to discover the genius within. Hence the school follows a multidisciplinary approach which will prepare the students to eventually specialize in their area of interest. The school follows an international curriculum with English as the medium of instruction, and has a rigorous approach to academic work. This, they believe, will equip them for an emerging global community.

It is their aim to enable the student to appreciate diversity – of cultures, languages, beliefs, ethnicities etc. that informs a global outlook. The school fosters a multicultural environment where students of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds grow up through collective learning.

The school lays emphasis on values and critical thinking as they enable the children to find their bearings when knowledge remains de-centered and children are surrounded by multiplicity of voices.

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