Occupying less than one percent of the ocean floor around the world, coral reefs are home to more than 25 percent of all marine life. Unfortunately, there are factors that are threatening the survival of coral reefs, including global warming, overfishing, pollution, coral mining, and the aquarium trade.

With the aforementioned cause in mind, in conjunction with the World Reef Awareness Day that falls on 1 June, Livingseas and Water WorxX aim to raise awareness about the issue to the public in general, as well as key opinion leaders to create active change through education and engagement. The event held at BWork Bali has one main goal, which is also to evoke a sense of urgency, and extension, action from consumers, businesses, and organizations on the delicate condition of the ocean’s coral reefs, and their roles in the preservation efforts.

Many people are not aware that corals actually fall in the fauna category, not flora. A reef is established by secretions of coral polyps over many generations, so the growth of corals creates a reef, which in time provides a habitat for not only the coral but also a wider scope of marine life. At the speed that humankind is living now, all coral reefs in the world are threatened to become extinct in the next 50 years. More facts about coral reefs like the aforementioned one were shared during the event.

Dive 1 Give 1

The main conservation program that will be launched at the event is the Dive 1 Give 1 campaign, in which for every Open Water course or above, or any day of leisure diving booked with Livingseas Asia, a participant will get a reef star planted on their behalf in the following month. A reef star is a 3D hexagonal structure made from metal that has been coated with a mixture of resin and sand – replicating coral’s natural substrate in the ocean – to stimulate more coral growth.

Running from June 2022 to December 2022, the campaign offers participants a diving experience, as well as the opportunity to support coral reef conservation efforts. However, if you are interested in actually partaking and planting the reef star yourself, Livingseas Asia has another program that allows you to do so. For this program, an advance booking of two weeks is required.

“We really hope this event will be the start of something big. Living in Bali, we don’t realize that there are rich reefs all along the east coast of Bali. It’s truly something to behold, and it’s a shame that many people don’t know about it, or get the chance to see it before it’s all gone,” said Livingseas Founder Leon Boey who recently was featured as Bali’s Local Legends by Honeycombers publication. “By launching the Dive 1 Give 1 campaign, we want to give people the opportunity to dive, or a diving experience. Not only will you have a good experience and be able to see what we are talking about, but you also get to give back to the ocean at the same time.”

Water WorxX’ co-owner Claudia Koch elaborated on the importance of coral reef conservation, “As a dive instructor that has been living here and working in an environment connected to the sea for almost 10 years now, I love what I do on a daily basis, but at the same time, you realize that the oceans that you want to enjoy and protect are suffering. We don’t have time to wait for the government’s or the world’s decisions. If we don’t act immediately, we will have a problem. So, my perspective on diving has changed from merely a fun activity to a sustainability effort.”

What we can do next
The conservation efforts will not stop at the event but will continue through three main outputs. Anyone who wants to support the cause can donate on a monthly subscription through Livingseas Asia’s website (conservation.livingseas.asia), come dive or learn how to dive and give back a reef star, or even collaborate with Livingseas Asia through skill-sharing or sponsorship. To encourage more people to participate, the event offers 10 percent off any dive trip or course to guests who sign up on the spot during the event.