in less than a month, we will be celebrating the grand opening of Amisewaka – Desa Les Community Center (DLCC). Amisewaka – DLCC is a non-profit center aimed at delivering high-quality vocational and life skills training for young people and future generations from low and no-income families in Bali and its surroundings. Amisewaka will focus on providing students with a personalized student plan working towards a chosen goal.

Amisewaka – (DLCC) offers a program in which the students at the center will receive a comprehensive vocational education focused on culinary arts and hospitality services training, permaculture and sustainable agriculture, culture preservation, and Living Values Education (LVE). Students will also be taught business education, including English language, computer literacy, and entrepreneurial and life skills courses. With these skills, they will be equipped to secure better and more good jobs.

Amisewaka DLCC focuses on five core values: Respect, Teamwork, Responsibility, Peace, and Safety/ Security. Living Values Education will form the basis and an essential part of the training, it emphasizes the worth and integrity of each person involved in providing home, school, and community education. Integrating LVE into all aspects of the curriculum will make the center stand out. LVE offers the opportunity to boost one’s self-worth and self-confidence and, therefore, support one in becoming a better leader and team player. Classes will be held in English as much as possible.


At Amisewaka DLCC, culinary arts and food production are the main focus. The focus will be on local ingredients used in both traditional and innovative ways. Students will work with guest chefs from various restaurants on the island under the tutelage of the center’s culinary teacher. Les itself is home to several excellent cooks and chefs.

Amisewaka will feature professional hands-on training supported by experts in the culinary industry. There will be a five-star training kitchen and a 30-seat restaurant on site for training. This commercial and modern kitchen with an attached restaurant will operate as a multi-function and practice classroom focused on delivering the latest training in culinary and service disciplines.


Originally derived from the word permanent culture, permaculture aims to create sustainable food growing methods to become a worldwide movement encompassing all aspects of how we as human beings can live harmoniously in relation to our earth and finite resources. Permaculture gardens at Amisewaka will perform a dual purpose of landscaping and provide the produce used at the restaurant by teachers and students for the cooking classes. This holistic approach will not only offer skills but will also raise the awareness of the students and their respective communities on the importance of creating a sustainable agricultural system.


Leveraging the Bali government’s focus on developing creative industries and preserving cultural heritage, the center will incorporate classes in cultural heritage, such as traditional Balinese dance and gamelan music. Students must take both of these modules as part of their overall training. This will not only provide them with a sense of cultural self-worth but also give them another skill with which they could earn income.


The next phase at Amisewaka DLCC will be social entrepreneurship skills for all students, where the students can apply the skills from Amisewaka to develop their businesses.

The village of Desa Les is a three-hour drive from Denpasar and is home to about 8,000 people. Bali is one of 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago and the most well-known. Bali is an agricultural island where at least 60% of the workers are employed in the tourism industry. Most of Bali’s affluence is concentrated in its southern parts, where the economy is more tourism-driven. Amisewaka – DLCC is a project funded by Amicorp Community Foundation (ACF).

Amisewaka – DLCC will have its Grand Opening (invitation only), followed by the Community Party or PestaRakyat “More For Les”, on 18 July 2022.


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