You may have heard of Yan’s House Hotel Bali, a chic boutique hotel located on the unbeatable Kuta stretch.  But little did we know that the hotel also houses Bali’s best kept secret restaurant;  Codegrafiti.

Its dégustation menu is curated by Chef Bondan Yuliarso and Chef Dewa Mayun. Fusing the combination of Indonesia’s fresh natural ingredients, the work of the dynamic duo resulting in the rich, exotic taste of our dishes that would leave us wanting more.

With its open kitchen concept, guests can enjoy a culinary show performed by Codegrafiti chefs as they express their culinary creativity in preparing the dishes. Menus at Codegrafitti is a result of freedom in mixing together the exotic, fresh, local ingredients into various recipes.

We had the pleasure of sampling the restaurant’s Six Course menu, which apparently comes in seven with Obat Nyamuk and Scallop Turmeric Yuzu, as a welcome treat. Many years ago, people put mosquito coil under the table, Codegrafitti created an edible version of it by combining Indonesia’s native ingredients like Black Rice, Red Chili and squid ink for the coil. To be placed on the table for us to sample, obviously.

The Baby Squid Compression hits our palate just at the right tone with its sweet and tangy flavours so we could not help to just dive into our next course; a hearty Duck Soup. The tenderness of the duck meat will melt in your mouth and the fresh broth warms bellies right away. We continue with Cod Fish Number 7,which gives you this sweet and no-fuss taste in its fresh cut. A plate of vodka infused Watermelon Sashimi, clears the palate immediately so we felt we can chow down the Lamb and Beetroot Shiraz dish.

And when we though we have no more room for dessert, the wait staff brought us a plate of Chocolate Mousse and Jack Fruit that changed our mind right away.

All in all, the whole dining experience at Codegrafiti is worth to repeat for.

Baby Squid Compression
Baby Squid Compression
Cod Fish Number 7
Watermelon Sashimi
Chocolate Mousse and Jackfruit

Code Grafitti| Jl. Kartika Plaza No.2, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung| Call: +62 818 0818 2339