For early birds, watching the extra beautiful about the sight of dawn-breaking sunlight is giving a new hope. As the world slowly waking up with the chirping birds over serene surroundings, Bali has always something more to discover notably the sunrise spots.  Now it’s time to have a little outdoor adventure and reach these vantage points to catch the most amazing sunrise spots in Bali.

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Bukit Cinta
The most popular sunrise spot among tourists because it gives the best views of sunrise peeking through over Mount Agung. To save time, many people choose to stay in the small beach town of Amed that takes place only 30 minutes from Bukit Cinta. When the morning is clear, you will be lucky to witness picturesque Mount Agung maybe with a small cloud of smoke soaring, the luscious paddy fields on the ground, and of course the shrouded early morning fog and dew.

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Pantai Karang, Sanur
Located in the southeast of Bali, it will take around 25 minutes to get here from Denpasar. The magical sight was completed with the serene sound of waves, the iridescent reflection on the water, and the breezy cool fresh morning air. You can sweep to the most magnificent view in the morning by perching on some of the gazebos placed there.

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Jatiluwih Rice Fields
One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is a must-visit for sunrise hunters. The scenic rice field provides unbeatable and unobstructed views of the sunrise. The spot is really huge that you still get the best spot to perch when there’s a big crowd. If you want to take the photo of your desire, be sure to check the status of the rice on the fields because it will give a different contrast during any season.

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Mount Batur Sunrise Point
If you’re fit enough to hike over hours, catching sunrise overlooking Mount Batur will give you a self-contentment. First, it is preferable to hire an experienced guide to help you go up since they can be found online or on the spot. Many viewpoints are available for you to reach like the manmade bamboo platforms that can be accessed with the entrance fee, or just hiking spots on the top of the mountain. The morning golden hour is really magnificent with a shrouded thick mist like you’re floating above the clouds, when the mist is thin you can see clearly the Mount Batur with the village on the ground.

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Tegalalang Rice Terraces
The must-visit sunrise spot in Bali. Tegalalang offers the best rice terraces formed in a stair-case shape in Bali that captivated people’s hearts. Watch the sky morphing in the combination of the morning sunray, luscious greeneries, and the sprawling palm trees all over the area. The peaceful moment is just perfect for you to start your day with ease.

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Pura Ulun Danu Tamblingan
Located at the foot of Mount Lesung, Pura Ulun Danu Tamblingan is the best-hidden gem in Bali, Its area is still natural and offers a mystical yet magical view over a pristine lake surrounded by dense forests and ancient Balinese temples. As the sun rises, feast your eyes on the marvel a majestic sky as the sun appears reflecting on the Tamblingan Lake.

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Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
Close to Pura Ulun Danu Tamblingan, the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan complex is on the shores of Lake Bratan in the mountains near Bedugul. It is one of the most iconic landmarks in Bali. The sunrise can be seen through the towering temple that floating in the lake. The water from the lake serves the entire region in the outflow area giving a striking nuance when the light reflecting in the lake.

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Pinggan Village Viewpoint
Once you reach the top of Pinggan Village viewpoint on the village’s hill, you’ll see an orange and pink tones sky sometimes blanketed in clouds with Mount Batur in the background. As the sun rises, the clouds and mist will slowly dissolve revealing a quaint little village.

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Campuhan Ridge Walk
Nestled in Ubud not too far from Ubud’s center, Campuhan Ridge Walk offers an amazing paved walk that showcases the verdant of Ubud. You’ll be rewarded with the sun over the scenic hills. It is very relaxing and perfect for morning sunrise walk as the pathway will take you up and downhill with a stellar view of rice fields and palm trees.

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Lovina Beach
Lovina Beach is the far north beach in Bali that will give you one of the best sunrise viewing experiences. Popular with the dolphins swimming freely, you can see the sun going up in the eastern part of the beach. Make this unforgettable sunrise chasing activity by witnessing the sun rises in the middle of the beach by riding a small traditional Balinese boat with dolphins dancing around you