Belong Keliki, one of the best tourist attractions in Bali; especially suitable for adrenaline lovers. Kintamani has a counter-mainstream lake view, but not everyone knows it. Because when people think of Bali’s popular tourist destinations, they usually end up talking about beaches and Pura. Without knowing that Bali also has many other interesting places to visit. In addition, if you want to seek more opportunities to stimulate adrenaline, then you will consider this special place: Belong Keliki.

What’s So Special about Belong Keliki?

Belong Keliki is a beautiful camping ground located exactly at the lakeside of Lake Batur. It’s literally on the edge of the lake. You really could feel the freshness of water from Lake Batur hitting your feet directly.

This place is magical because it’s located at about 1.000 meters above sea level. To be precise, it’s in Banjar Tirta Usada, Toya Bungkah, Batur Tengah village, Kintamani, Bangli.


The best part of Belong Keliki is definitely its scenery. When you face the beautiful lake view Kintamani of Lake Batur in the front, you will also marvel at the magnificence of Mount Batur in the back. Seeing these two alone, you will somehow feel refreshed, reborn and rejuvenated. Therefore, there is no doubt that this is the best campground in Bali you can find.

The Adventures Await You at Belong Keliki

As the best campground in Bali, you can certainly find some outdoor activities that will stimulate your adrenaline. In addition, this place has access to mountains and lakes, so you can easily engage in wonderful outdoor activities. In short, you might like one of the activities like a Campfire on the mountain. You do not need to pay attention to other entertainment activities. Because camping in Belong Keliki, you have had an unforgettable experience. Especially if you come to light up the night with some friends. While sharing stories by the campfire, enjoy the cool and fresh wind on the mountain. Well, that was undoubtedly a cool moment.


if we didn’t bring camping equipment? do not worry. The camp will provide you with a welcome drink, Matras, sleeping bags, hot springs, and morning drinks. All of this will only cost you about $25 for 4 people. Isn’t it cheap?

Stunning View of Sunset and Sunrise


If you go to any beach, you may have to choose between watching the sunrise and enjoying the sunset. However, in Belong Keliki, you can actually have both at the same time. As an advantage of high ground, you can see the sunset and sunrise in one place. Moreover, it is truly an unforgettable scenery you have never seen before. Moreover, when the sun bounces off the ripples on the lake, it is really beautiful. You will feel like staring at a beautiful picture of God. What you may not forget is to take a photo and post it on your social media. Although, this may make your friends envy your experience.

Exciting experience of hiking in Mount Batur


Mt. Batur may not be the highest mountain in the world. But as all climbers say: “Each mountain has its own taste.” Hiking on Mount Batur is definitely one of the unique experiences that everyone can get. Obviously, this road is not the most difficult. However, for some hikers, this is still a challenge. Just like other ordinary hikers, you may need about 3 hours to reach the top. Especially if your goal is to enjoy the journey, not just to reach the end. Moreover, when you reach the top of the mountain, seeing the beautiful scenery from the top of the mountain will undoubtedly eliminate all fatigue.

Healing Pleasure of Hot Spring


If you’re still feeling fatigued, then you need to take a bath in a hot spring near the mountain. Toya Bungkah Hot Spring is located near Mount Batur. The water comes from Mount Batur as a natural hot spring. So, it contains sulfurs that give many benefits to your body. Especially if you’re bathing after hiking. Your muscles will start to recuperate and your skin will rejuvenate. That’ll probably be the best bathing experience you’ve ever had.

Calming Sessions of Fishing and Canoeing


If you really don’t like too much sweat, you can still go fishing and canoeing on Lake Batur. It still brings a lot of fun. In addition, you can choose to take the fish home or cook some dishes there. And, if you just want to stay in one place and feel bored, you can go canoeing around Lake Batur. Batur surrounds Lakeview Kintamani, giving you a soothing and refreshing feeling. You can even travel through Trunyan and visit a unique traditional cemetery without graves. But how? Well, just come here and see for yourself.

What makes Belong Keliki one of Kintamani’s best tourist destinations is also its price. No need to spend too much on vacation, because the ticket price is less than $1

For other details, here is a summary of the price of Belong Keliki attractions:

Entrance fee Admission ticket IDR. 10.000 or $1, Sleeping tent (One night tent) IDR. 30.000 or $2.1 or Package Camping included Buy tickets, welcome drink, Matras, sleeping bag, hot spring, and morning drink (4 persons) only IDR. 25. 000 or $19 or Luxury Glamping (All in) IDR. 300.000 or $22. Take a Jeep Tour visiting around mount Batur with Jeep (3 persons) IDR. 750.000 or $57, Visit Trunyan with Boat IDR. 850.000 or $62, Hiking Mt. Batur IDR. 950.000 or $69 and Fishing 24 hrs and bring home fish IDR. 25.000 or $2

So, are you still looking for tourist attractions in Bali? Just come to the best Lakeview in Kintamani and enjoy your unforgettable experience in Belong Keliki.

Belong Keliki

Phone : +62 877 6266 3300

Toyabungkah Street, Batur Tengah, Kintamani Districts, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652