Fitness and exercise fans, long-distance runners especially, will understand the need to wait at least two days before enjoying a deep tissue, post-run massage after a long run. The 48-hour long break allows the muscles to replenish fluid and energy lost while recovering from the brutal conditions your body endures running a 42-kilometre Full Marathon. But what it’s all about, really?

The Spa at Padma Resort Legian

Many runners resort to the magic of a foam roller, similar to a kitchen rolling pin patterned with studs, to stretch and roll against their tired muscles. Runners are advised to wait two to six hours after a race before doing so. Luckily the Spa at Padma Resort Legian offers a treatment that cleverly combines both deep tissue and roller-like treatments!

For foam rolling newbies, a roller seems like a torture device. “It hurts so good,” say some runners. Digging into sore muscles after a tough workout session takes some getting used to, which is why the firmness of a foam roller determines how much pain you are willing to handle.

Warm Bamboo Massage

The Warm Bamboo Massage offers a similar treatment to the roller, but with less shrieking along the way. Combining Swedish massage technique and deep tissue massage, the Warm Bamboo Massage slowly restores your tired muscles to a state of relaxation.

The soothing feeling from the 30-cm-long heated bamboo sticks penetrate more deeply into tissue and muscle layers, helping to relax tight muscles, release stress and tension, and improve your overall sports performance. Meanwhile the aromatherapy oil used prevents the skin from dryness.

Unlike us, you won’t have to run a Full Marathon to prove it really works! But if you are, combine the bamboo treatment with your runner’s high and you will be on Cloud Nine!

The Spa at Padma Resort Legian

Performed exclusively by The Spa’s most talented therapists, the 90-minute Warm Bamboo Massage is available daily at The Spa, Padma Resort Legian 9am-9pm for IDR 840,000+/ person (90 minutes). For further information and reservations, please contact