On December 24th 2018, Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster announced that single use plastic will be banned in Bali in 2019.The  initiative was given a six month time to adjust, so that businesses would have the time to draw up a plan and carefully implement it, and for all of us to be able to finally put an end to this long-time toxic relationship (literally and figuratively) with plastic.


On June 23rd 2019, the bill was officially instated, meaning dreaded Styrofoam, plastic bags and plastic straws are now officially prohibited island-wide, aiming to reduce Bali’s plastic marine pollution by 70%.

Of course there will be growing pains, for businesses and at home, but this is something we can all support. Our generation, and our children’s, so we may still call Bali our paradise.

Keep it this way, shall we?

We can still enjoy picturesque white sand beaches and breathtaking rice paddies. But the island has been fighting an environmental crisis that is very obviously littering our island – an island that we would like to continue referring to as paradise. We are still here, cringing while reading how we are feeding the fish and turtles with plastic. And for those of us living in Bali, on the frontline, somehow it feels even more real.

Therefore, we also talked to some of our friends in Bali’s hotel industry. Here are some of their thoughts:

The Westin Resort:

“Marriott has implemented a no plastic straw policy, which has had a huge impact – trying to do it on a daily basis, making it a habit; beach cleaning; using recycled plastics; carefully selecting our products and finding better ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We have also been practicing clutter-free meetings where plastic bottled water is replaced with infused water in jugs, plus we minimize the use of paper too. When small changes become a habit, it can have a huge impact.” Oriol Montal- General Manager

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu:

“We have processes in place for all areas of the business. For example, we have a system that helps focus on reducing energy and water usage, and programs to reduce food waste. We are currently in talks with our partners and vendors to reduce plastic usage in our hotels.” Brad Edman- General Manager

The Stones Legian:

“Our most recent initiative was to ban plastic, including take-away cutlery.  We are working on sustainable food packaging and also an initiative to reduce plastic water bottles. We also partnered up with a local charity called SOS to whom we donate surplus food; they then distribute it to other areas of Bali in need.  We also do monthly beach cleaning.” Bennath Evea- Director of Food and Beverage

Padma Hotels:

“We’ve been practicing some initiatives the past years in all of our properties in Bali, Bandung, and Jakarta. Guests get their receipts with no envelopes, or we can email them should the guests agree to it. All of our laundry and trash bags are biodegradable, and we seek for guests participation by informing them we only wash towels once eve two days unless if they request otherwise.” Yohanes Hutauruk- Corporate Director of Marketing Communications.


How about you? Any initiatives you’ve been practicing? Remember, big or small, it will make a huge difference for the good. Bye-bye plastic bags!


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