The Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua Resort is perched in the hillside area of the Southern Bali Peninsula, and enthusiastically encourages you to be different, embrace unexpected discoveries, find hidden jewels, and seek an authentic experience of the local area.

At this latest addition of majestic resorts, you can enjoy seven different food and beverage venues, including a beach and soon to be open, Nusantara by Locavore, an authentic Indonesian restaurant. This time around, we’re taking a visit to the Backstage, an all-day dining restaurant offering wide selections of local and international favorites at its buffet and live stations.

Outdoor Seating at Backstage

The resort itself is inspired by the grand theatrics of traditional Balinese dances, especially the Barong Dance, the design pays homage to one of the oldest forms of performing arts on the island. And thus, the Backstage does feel like a backstage where all the performers gather and get ready to put on a show.

Once we arrive on the last step of the staircase descending from The “R” Bar area in the lobby, we will immediately be greeted by the lovely host which will show us to our preferred seating, be it indoor or outdoor. The indoor area itself is vast with a selection of seatings and a private dining area where you can have your business lunch meeting, or simply if you wish a more secluded area away from the other patrons. The outdoor area is nothing short of comfortable with various types of chairs and tables you can choose from.

Private Dining area at Backstage

Since we visited there during lunchtime, there was quite a rush of orders. and the resort was currently hosting a group of both domestic and international travelers. We took a seat indoors and settled for the table near the open kitchen area, so we can witness the whole action directly. After a short introduction by our servers, they presented the menu book which is quite unique as its cover was made to look like an old history book.

After introducing myself to the chef and requesting his recommendation, we decided to order the Crispy Soft Shell Crab Taco made of salmon, avocado, seaweed salad, sushi rice, hot crispy nori shell, unagi sauce, sesame seed, and Rujak Kepiting, with crab, starfruit, young papaya, young mango, pomelo, rose water apple, Indonesian basil leaves, and tamarind dressing as an appetizer. The portion was quite big and made us wonder if we can get through to the main course without feeling full. The funny pun on the taco serving box gives me strength, it says “I could give up tacos, but I’m not a quitter”. And I devoured every last bit of that taco without any regrets!

Crispy Soft Sheel Crab Taco

My eyes were set on the Babi Guling Ribs, Balinese spices pork ribs, long bean coconut salad, pork crackers, and steamed rice, as the main course, while my company sets her eyes on Sop Buntut, Aromatic oxtail broth, carrot, tomato, fried shallots, celery, sweet soya, lime, sambal Soto, melinjo crackers. Both were traditional Indonesian cuisines because Backstage’s menu comprises a fusion of Indonesian and Western dishes with a twist. Just like the Babi Guling that is normally made of a pork belly part, this time the chef uses a pork rib part instead. Again, I was not disappointed. The meat was tender and juicy, and the spices seep into the meat, although it would be made perfect with crispy pork skin crackers.

Time for a dessert! I often make room for dessert especially when it involves an apple pie reinvention, Apple Pie Cheesecake Tacos. Another taco! This menu consists of three mini tacos with cinnamon sugar tortilla shells, mascarpone cheese, caramelized apple, and icing sugar dust. It reminded me of cannolis. This dessert is perfect for the sweet tooths!

Apple Pie Cheescake Tacos

Verdict: I love all the food and drinks I had at Backstage and would love to try all the other menus they offer. What I’m most excited about is the opening of the resort’s Chinese food restaurant, Lion X, the eco-conscious Tanah Liat, and also Nusantara by Locavore. I heard all the food will be excellent! Can’t wait for my second, third, and many many more visits to this wonderful resort.