February is the month of love, and since love is universal, we encourage you to share it with your favorite animals. While the island of Bali has been very strict on animal regulations, there are still a high number of strays you can find roaming on the streets. Fortunately, there is a collective group of wonderful people who work tirelessly to help combat the issue. Lend a hand or donate to help these organizations continue their awesome work. 

1. Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA)

Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) is a non-profit organization located in Ubud, aiming to save, protect and improve the lives of animals in Bali and its islands. Founded in 2007 by longtime Bali resident, Janice Girardi, and Indonesian vet, Dr. Dewa Made Dharma, BAWA has provided animals with food, medication, shelter, rehabilitation, and adoption. If you have extra time, BAWA also accepts volunteers and foster homes for the animals they rescue, and you can also support the organization with single or monthly donations.

Contact: info@bawabali.com
Facebook: Bali Animal Welfare Association
IG: bawa_wa

2. Bali Pet Crusaders (BPC)

Bali Pet Crusaders (BPC) is a non-profit organization registered in Australia and the USA, focusing on sterilization programs to help control the population of dogs and cats in Bali. Their mission is helping people to help animals by improving the local families’ lives who may wish the best for their pets but not afford medical care. Often times BPC visits rural and rabies zone areas to offer vet care and educate communities on the benefits of sterilization. BPC is a part of Yayasan Seva Bhuana, a local organization for animal welfare. BPC also relies on donations for their medical expenses. 

IG: balipetcrusaders

3. Bali Reptile Rescue

Bali Reptile Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates snakes all over Bali. The downside of development resulting in many animals losing their natural habitat and nowadays snakes are often found in people’s homes and gardens. This can, unfortunately, result in the snakes being killed due to fear. The organization can be contacted day and night to help remove snakes with minimum stress on both homeowners and the reptile itself. Other than relying on donations, the organization also holds snake tours in West Bali where there are still wild populations. 

Address: Jl. Taman, Gumbrih, Jembrana
P: +62821 4638 0270
IG: balireptilerescue

4. Bali Rumah Singgah Satwa (Bali RuSS)

Bali Rumah Singgah Satwa or Bali RuSS is an independent rescue organization under the direct supervision of Animal Husbandry, Fishery and Marine Department of Badung Regency. Yanti Rosmiati or also known as Tio, work tirelessly to help and rescue stray dogs and cats. Many of the stray dogs and cats that Tio rescues are in poor condition due to living on the streets. Tio’s mission is to promote better animal care by educating pet owners and preventing animal abuse. Tio is actively sharing her rescue activities on social media. Bali RuSS is also relying on donations in cash and goods.


5. Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS)

As an archipelago, Indonesia has a long coastline, known for its natural resources and wildlife species variety, including the six sea turtle species. Bali itself has received bad publicity due to the high number of illegal sea turtle trading. This encourages the Bali Sea Turtle Society to help protect and educate through Community Based Conservation program with real actions such as protecting the nest and turtle release.

Address: Jl. Pantai Kuta
P: +62811 3882 683
IG: baliseaturtlesociety

6. Villa Kitty

Villa Kitty is home to more than 200 rescued local cats and one of the few cat rescue organizations on the island. Founded by Elizabeth Hensell in 2011, the shelter strives with the help of a team of volunteers. Despite the name, Villa Kitty also occasionally receives abandoned dogs. Elizabeth and her team are very welcoming and appreciates it when people come to visit to cuddle the kitties, and are really open about their location. Unfortunately, this also leads to many irresponsible people leaving cats and kittens at the shelter. Wish to visit Villa Kitty or join their Sunday Brunch? You can contact them at info@villakittybali.com, and don’t forget to donate as they rely highly on it. 

Address: Jl. Ambarwati Banjar Tengah, Lodtunduh, Ubud
P: +6281 3391 75004
IG: villakittyfoundation

By: Icha Annisa