BOEMI Botanicals is a beauty start-up company based in Bali, Indonesia, that offers natural skin food for people who are interesting in nature-based personal care products. We focus on the idea of nature and all come from “bumi” productions with customized healthy skin-food products. 

BOEMI means “bumi” and “oemi/ibu” – two essentials the company dearly holds. We practice “all women employees” in our humble company because we believe and are committed to building a business to empower the community together, especially a woman.

Basic ideas BOEMI BOTANICALS were born over the recipes created by our ancestors. Held as a family secret passed down for generations, ancient recipes were heavily guarded before they were finally exposed and called cultural heritage. We all know the fact that natural heritage products successful to kept the skin healthy and detoxified for overall health and well-being, and that’s an essential key from our brand.

Discover the wellness of skin-food products with BOEMI BOTANICALS, and experience a feeling of complete relaxation from our own ‘bumi’ handmade by Indonesian women.

Tanda Mata: Exclusive Year-End Hampers Curated by BOEMI BOTANICALS and Friends

It’s almost a decade since we can naturally meet and hug our loved ones – and each of every day we wish things back to normal.

BOEMI Botanicals together with Du Anyam and Yasminida Bali presented ‘Tanda Mata’ – a well-curated and exclusive year-end hampers delivered for Tuan’ and ‘Puan’.

Tanda Mata is emboldened by the spirit of sharing that will spread joy throughout each of the products. Furthermore, every purchase of the package contributes directly to the sustainability of weaver mothers in Flores, craftsmen and artists in Java and Bali, also women who produce eco-friendly natural products in Bali.

The collaboration empowers you to enlarge your connection with your loved ones, together with BOEMI Botanicals and friends.

BOEMI Botanicals

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