All you see, taste, feel, hear, and sense at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, is influenced by its destination brand promise.  That feeling of wellness oozes from every product and experience it shares with its guests.  Likewise for everyone working there. All exude an air of subtle, yet sophisticated, wellness. Pay attention when you are next at The Westin. From the Balinese dancers greeting you at the lobby, to the front desk team and their beaming smiles, to the chef who spends time chatting with your children, discussing different pizza toppings. It is natural behavior, genuine caring from the heart.


If you are lucky enough to make a return visit, you are bound to meet their wellness Guru, Jitendra Pokhriyal. A tall, reserved, lean, gentleman, usually clad in an ivory coloured robe.

Enter into a conversation with him, and you cannot help but feel the vibe in his gestures and gentle, yet firm, demeanor. It is infectious to the degree that you adjust your own body language and tone of voice, stand tall and proud, mirroring him.

Trained in several holistic disciplines, Jitendra hails from the birthplace of yoga in India. He is well versed in meditation as well as a highly evolved form of touch-less Pranic healing. Jitu, as his nearest and dearest call him, will tailor your own wellness program at the resort, focusing on stress management, Reiki healing, and food and nutrition consultation. There are a few other daily activities that are run by him too –morning and yoga sessions for beginners, and also for intermediate levels.

He has taught yoga in Northern India and the Himalayas, making him the perfect talent for orchestrating the resort’s wellness movement. He encourages in-house guests and interested members of the local community to feel well, eat well and move well.

As What’s New Bali Editor, Yours Truly has already met Jitu before. Our first encounter was at a Tibetan bowl healing session, followed by a Third eye meditationa, yoga session, and an intense core training in the following weeks.

With his always enriching, and sometimes challenging meetings, I cannot help but open up about the wonders of wellness. “Do you ever get mad?” was my first question to him, as I had only seen him calm, relaxed and peacefully poised.

We then discussed my long overdue focus in fixing my core strength, laziness in training to become more flexible, and how to break the decades old stigma that eating well is harder than running a marathon.

One thing led to another, and we made a commitment to keep seeing each other for one whole month to see through this wellness transformation together.

A good Guru will never promise a student that it will be easy, but Jitu is more than just good. So instead, he told me: “There will be moments where you think you cannot continue – you may also cry during a session. But together, we can complete this journey”.

He said it in his signature softly spoken, yet quietly confident voice. I believed him right away. If you’re wondering how my month-long journey of transformation went, follow this story closely, unroll your training mat…and breathe.