People say that Lombok is Bali 20 years ago… it has all of nature’s beauty that mostly remains untouched by tourism, yet it offers modern convenience as well. If you want to experience an unforgettable blend of the old and the new, come stay at Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort. As one of the most iconic resort in Lombok, Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort will celebrate its 27th anniversary next December. We got a chance to stay there, and these are the reasons why we love it so much!

When we visited Senggigi last February, we are shocked to see how changed it is. In merely a couple of years, so many new hotels, restaurants, and cafes are open in Senggigi. Now, Senggigi is one of the main vibrant nightlife in Lombok. And this is saying a lot, considering that in most areas in Lombok, businesses are closed at 9PM. The great thing about staying at Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort, you can enjoy the resort and its beautiful beach and pool all day. Meanwhile, when the sun is set, you can walk and explore the Senggigi area, talk to the locals, visit the shops. They are right in the middle of it all, and we love it.

Even though the whole island is surrounded by fantastic beaches, Senggigi Beach will always hold a dear place in our heart. In front of the hotel, right by the pool, we can enjoy a private beach with soft white sands, calm water, and nice sea breeze. It is located right by a curve, so it has that uninterrupted bay quality to it. Comes sunset and the sky will be filled with mesmerizing colors. It’s like having the beach for ourselves, and we love it. If you’re feeling adventurous, drive just north from the hotel and find the Malimbu sunset point, Pandanan, and Nipah to enjoy the beauty of dawn whilst having a culinary adventure.

Since the first moment you enter the resort, you will be greeted with a lush garden with tall trees, beautiful flowers, and healthy bushes. It is almost like the hotel is hidden amongst the trees and it gives such glorious shades and protect us from the heat. The resort is spread across 4 hectares of tropical garden, and it was opened in 1991, the gardens have been an inseparable part of the Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort. Most of the rooms have balconies with cozy chairs so that we can sit down and enjoy this beautiful greeneries. If you have heard of Forest Bathing, you will know that just being in the middle of trees and enjoy it for a couple of minutes will do wonders for your health. So, if relaxation is the theme of your holiday: this is the place for you.

Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort has 154 rooms. However, if you want to travel, in style, opt for the Executive Suite because it’s gonna make you feel like a true VIP. The rooms are very spacious, with 76m2 area that is divided into the bedroom and the living/dining room. Executive Suite are designed for those who enjoy the extra space. Filled with comfortable furnishings and spectacular views, the warm décor is sure to make you feel welcome. Oh, did we mention that the rooms are equipped with Smart TVs? Yes, you can entertain your kids with videos from YouTube or you can binge on your favorite Netflix shows from your room. Don’t forget the Sheraton Signature Sleep Experience that will ensure you that a good night sleep is in order.

At Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort, Breakfast is served at Kebun Anggrek Restaurant. Literally, you are surrounded by beautiful orchids. What we love about the breakfast here is the variety and how they offer lots of Indonesian finest, as well as Lombok famous dishes. You can go with the normal omelet, bacon, and sausages. But why would you want to when there are delicious nasi puyung from Lombok, lots of traditional desserts, fried rice, gorengan stalls, and many more. Kebun Anggrek Restaurant is also located right by the Kids Club. Which means you can keep your kids occupied while you enjoy a nice and quiet breakfast after they are done with the food. See, this place is heaven.

We already settled the fact that Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort has one of the most beautiful beaches in Lombok. So, why not spend all day there? You can sunbathe and play by the beach with your family. If you need a fast access to paradise, go contact the Laguna Beach Spa and book a session by the beach gazebo. A simple message will be unforgettable if you had it under the shades of trees while listening to the sound of waves lapping the shore. Then, in the afternoon, sit with your loved ones, order a nice cocktail (or even dinner) at the Senja Lounge and Dine and enjoy the sea and the sunset. Life is all about enjoying the moments. These are those moments.

Yes, we have claimed that Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort has the best pool in Lombok. We said it 3 years ago, and we said it now. Located by the beachside and surrounded by tropical garden, it is a perfect place to take a refreshing dip. Sitting next to Bawang Putih Restaurant, it is easier for you to order your favorite cocktail while satisfying your eyes with dramatic scenery of torches and “Big Head” slide. The slide is so much fun and the main reason why we fell in love with the pool. Not to mention that the pool is 50 meters long, beautifully decorated with stone statues here and there, and we can just stay there all day long.
Jl. Raya Senggigi Km 8, P.O. Box 1154, Mataram, Senggigi – Lombok