Tucked away in the quiet street of Kesambi, Grand Kesambi Resort & Villa will give you a Balinese experience you won’t soon forget. We stayed at their one-bedroom villa and enjoy a relaxing weekend. It is close enough to the city center that you can still roam the attractions, but distant enough to get away from the traffic and the noise. Grand Kesambi Resort and Villa is the perfect holiday destination, and here are 7 reasons why we love them.

The name Grand Kesambi is taken from the Kesambi Village, which is the name of the area back in the old days. The village is famous for its Kesambi trees that grow all over the place. The people use the trees to make firewood or charcoal. But, not many realize that Kesambi has a healing property to various diseases, rich in vitamin C and can be made into biodiesel. Nowadays, the village was replaced by a street name since most of its people had traveled and moved into other regions. Grand Kesambi was built on that legacy, and they wish to re-create this village in a contemporary setting.

When you stay at Grand Kesambi, you can choose to stay in their Deluxe Rooms, One or Two Bedroom Villas. It is all nestled in a compound that makes you feel at home. We stayed at their One Bedroom Villa and we just love everything about it. When you open the door, you will be greeted by a big pool that is situated right between the room and the living/kitchen area. Each villa is designed with minimalism in mind. Whitewashed wood furniture, big comfortable bed, a spacious bathroom and all the modern amenities will make your stay enjoyable. There is a sofa, refrigerator, dining area and a lounger by the pool. There is also an outdoor bathtub that you can use to sit back and relax while watching the stars above.

Even though each villa has their own private pool, you can still enjoy the main pool located at the heart of Grand Kesambi Resort & Villa. The pool is big and has a children area too. So you can play around with your family. Big swan floaties are available to rent if you want to float around while getting some sun. They’re great for pictures too.

What do you want for breakfast? Well, just choose from the menu and when you wake up in the morning it will be ready by your private pool. We love this floating breakfast because getting in the water will surely wake you up. You can choose your juices, coffee or tea and lots of food varieties. We love their egg benedict, their bread basket and of course their healthy smoothie bowl. Oh, don’t forget to snap a picture because: pool + breakfast = paradise.

A new addition to the Grand Kesambi experience is the Tirta Wangi Beauty and Spa. Bali is known all over the world for its spa and here at Tirta Wangi, they will pamper you from head to toe in a true Balinese style. Tirta Wangi Beauty offers all the treatments you need, such as mani-pedi and many more. They have a big reflexology room and private rooms for more extensive treatments. Using the best natural ingredients and the best staff, Tirta Wangi Spa is not to be missed.

6. DeKesambi Resto
Right by the pool, is an open restaurant that will provide all of your needs, from breakfast, lunch to dinner, or simply an easy snack while lounging by the pool. De’Kesambi resto offers international cuisines, however, you should try their Indonesian dishes to get a taste of authentic Indonesian and Balinese food.

Grand Kesambi Resort & Villa is designed to reflect on a modern-day village in Bali. When you stay there, you are now a part of our community and part of our family. Expect the best service from our staff as they are all a big part of this Kesambi village who will make sure you have an excellent and unforgettable stay. Grand Kesambi Resort & Villa is owned and managed by local Balinese, and they are inviting you to come and be part of their tribe. See you at Grand Kesambi Resort & Villa!
Grand Kesambi Villas
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