Our favourite and by far smartest New Year’s resolution is the one suggested by Bridget Jones. “New Year’s resolution: drink less. Oh, and quit smoking! And keep New Year’s resolutions,” as she sighs the words in the opening scene of Bridget Jones’s Diary.

We all know that feeling. The pressure of creating one, or the urge to “Ah, let’s just play it by ear this time.” We also know the latter will be caused by the usual; the goals we set ourselves in January (after a month of excess and guilt) are often unachievable. Bye-bye annual gym membership, and what was I thinking planning a holiday to Hawaii?

And if somehow you manage to achieve them, you are left wondering, were they ambitious enough?

We talked to our closest friends in Bali about their New Year’s resolutions, or their lack thereof.

Dewi Anggraini– Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali

Dewi Anggraini

My dearest brother had a stroke early this year, I regret not being able to help him when he had a second one that forced him to be hospitalized for two months. God is great. I believe in Him. It is a miracle that my brother is on the road to recovery now. I am grateful for this second chance.

In 2019, I just want to continue to stay happy and healthy. I feel that everything happened at lightning speed last year, and I’m not sure if I have done the best for myself, my family, and people around me, simply because there is not enough time. That’s why in 2019 my resolution is to be more disciplined in time management, so I can juggle my priorities to have a better life-balance with family, work, and self.

Yohanes Hutauruk – Padma Hotels Group

Yohanes Hutauruk

Sometimes I regret why I only bought a house in Bali this year, instead of a few years back. Imagine the investment that I could’ve had by now. But then I realized, it is better late than never.

Resolutions? To save more money. I am in a serious commitment (not with someone – for now), but with a mortgage. This is the biggest commitment I’ve made so far in my life. On the other hand, I still want to travel. So my biggest resolution in 2019 is to save more money so I can do both: pay my mortgage; and travel.

Judith Kirana – Courtyard Seminyak

Judith Kirana

I regret that I postponed opening my own restaurant after my partner bailed on me. My heart was shattered but I learned about something: trust is expensive so you cannot just share it that easily! I keep my faith strong – because I  believe one day I will make it happen.

As for my goal or resolutions, first is to stop being so hard on myself. We tend to be extremely hard on ourselves at so many levels, which can hold us back from experiencing all the happiness we deserve. Second, (hmm…) I’m a hopeful romantic because I am patiently waiting for “The One”. Hopefully in 2019 I will meet someone who makes me fearless about love and being in a relationship. And last, to commit to my wellness and fitness lifestyle.

Siti Annisa – The Stones Legian

Siti Annisa

My biggest regret in 2018 is not giving more time to consider a proposition (a proposal or marriage proposal?), just because of my financial position. Although I can’t be sure if the other is better than my current situation, I can’t help but think “what if”.

It may sound lame, but my  resolution for 2019 is to be able to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been overly indulging throughout 2018, and I want to change it in 2019. Another one is to own a property of my own, however small.

Alexandra Ancilla- Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

Alexandra Ancilla

My regret is about health: that if I quit smoking sooner, or better yet, what if I didn’t start smoking in the first place! Therefor in 2019, I simply want to live a healthier life; limit my junk food intake, and eat cleaner!

And how about you? Any big resolutions this year? Have a Happy 2019!