1O1 Travel Sketch an original PHM Hospitality event is now in full preparation and gear for Bali, 1 – 3 March 2019. Supported by THE HAVEN SUITES Bali Berawa, THE HAVEN Bali Seminyak, FRii Bali Echo Beach and Fontana Hotel Bali, a PHM Collection, and Sketchwalker, 1O1 Travel Sketch Bali International Edition is a much sought after event for sketchers, artists and lifestyle enthusiast alike as it is dedicated for those who love to travel and appreciate art.

Since the first event back in October 2017, it has had the constant support of the Creative Economy Agency, Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF) and the City’s Provincial and Regional government wherever a 1O1 Travel Sketch event is happening. The Ministry of Tourism has also played an important role in supporting and sponsoring 1O1 Travel Sketch events. Present at the press conference was Mr. Muh Ricky Fauziyani, Assistant Marketing Deputy I Regional III, Ministry of Tourism, “It was used to bring out the beauty of Indonesia through photos or videos, now it has shifted in the form of sketches. We are optimistic that this travel sketch event will be able to promote the beauty of Indonesian culture, culinary and nature from a different angle,” he explained.

Budi Tirtawisata, CEO Panorama Group said, “We’ve been in the hospitality business since 1972. It is with much pride that we are able to continue to contribute for the people of Indonesia in so many ways.”

“I believe we are able to do this because we make it our business to be in tune with our environment, social trends and interests, as well as the communities of which we serve and operate in. In 2018, amidst all the market trends, we saw a community group that weren’t being served and those are the people who are proud of their city and are passionate on preserving local’s culture and heritage through sketches. That’s how the idea for 1O1 Travel Sketch was born. Now, 1O1 Travel Sketch usually generates an interest of over 200 participants in each of the designated city, ” added Bapak Budi.

Vice Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Sukawati said, “The beauty of Bali is reknowned worldwide and has inspired much creativity and art works that are globally recognized as well. What better way to highlight this than to roll-out an event that is focused on the world of drawing and sketching? I believe Indonesia is truly blessed with many talented people and an event like this will not only create a platform and an opportunity for them, but will also benefit those who are coming into Bali, Indonesia. I am sure you will be in awe and take away a great experience and a whole new network of friends and relations that will motivate your further.”

The hype and excitement can clearly be felt by the comments on the event’s updates on Instagram (@101Travelsketch), Facebook, YouTube, on PHM Hospitality’s website and the 1O1 Travel Sketch’s own website: http://www.101travelsketch.com/travel-sketch-destination/bali/

For the 1O1 Travel Sketch Bali International Edition, famous and reputable international as well as national Sketchers, such as: Paul Wang (ig: @paulwang_sg) in collaboration with William Sim (ig: @merchantofhappiness), Don Low (ig: @donlowart), Achilles UhkyUhky Estremos (ig: @uhky_uhky), Ch’ng Kiah Kiean (ig: @kiahkiean), Rudy AO (ig: @rudyao), Irwan IWE (ig: @irwan_widjayanto), LK Bing (ig: @lkbing), Sheila R. Putri (ig: @sheilasplayground) and Nadia Mahatmi (ig: @nadiamahatmi) have confirmed their presence and will be running art workshop for participants. Participants of this International Edition will have the opportunity to learn and engage with these artists and acquire new techniques and perspectives.

The three-day casual event is fully packed with impressive itinerary drafted with real buzz of excitement around it.

One of the highlights of this International Travel Sketch is having the upcoming artists Melly Mono and Stan Isakh who will be joining 1O1 Travel Sketch during the three day. On their way to Bali from Jakarta, flying by Air Asia on 28 February, they will perform an “on air” and “alive” mini concert.

Day 1 will start at THE HAVEN SUITES Bali Berawa, with Travel Sketch programs at the beautiful Berawa Beach, Perancak Temple and Nelayan Village, a sharing-session followed by the opening dinner which will be an introduction of Megibung – a traditional Balinese style meal.

On Day 2, Sketchers is given a liberty to choose their own activities. Participants may opt to explore and freely sketch the stunningly tranquil Ubud village and/or to join various workshops in exceptional venues, such as the Ubud Palace, Ubud Art Market, Saraswati Temple, Puri Lukisan Museum and the Subak Juwuk Manis (Ubud Rice Field).

Fitting as the last day’s agenda on Day 3, Sketchers will have an amazing and great opportunity to discover the impressive Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park. The “Sketching for Kids” program, accompanied by Nadia Mahatmi, will take place in this one of a kind park where children will be stimulated by the massive beauty of GWK and be intuitively motivated by seeing the enthusiasm that their parents, families as well as other adults portray in doing their sketches. At the same time Melly Mono and Stan Isakh will perform a live show to entertain sketchers, which of course not be missed.

As a closing to all the programs of the 1O1 Travel Sketch Bali International Edition, a Fun-Auction and Sketch Exchange program will take place at the GWK. Staying true to PHM Hospitality’s tradition, funds from the Fun-Auction will be donated for a specific humanitarian cause.

1O1 Travel Sketch is an original event created by PHM Hospitality, designed to raise awareness on the beauty of what each designated city can offer. The vision was to pioneer a creative platform for artists and inspiring artists alike and revive an appreciation of the general public for each city. The first edition was held in Bogor on 27 – 28 October 2017, followed by Yogyakarta (6 – 7 January 2018), Bandung (28 – 29 April 2018), Malang (30 June – 1 July 2018) and Jakarta (3 – 4 November 2018) which became the final city for the 1O1 Travel Sketch 2018 series that generated over 350 participants.

Word of PHM Hospitality’s sought after event can be seen on the 1O1 Travel Sketch website: http://www.1o1TravelSketch.com or http://www.101TravelSketch.com/travel-sketch-destination/bali/, and in social medias, like https://youtu.be/JTkbX-U4YfI and https://youtu.be/Bgpb2MVrjio