The most interesting thing about kratom is its availability in a vast array of strains. Kratom plant is extracted in Southeast Asia and is used by over 5 million people in the world every day. Though its legal status is battled, yet it has a strong reputation in the minds of its fans. If you visit any kratom selling website, you will go through a list of multiple strains, with each of them having their pros and cons as per customer claims. Indonesia is a country that is proficient in harvesting the kratom crop and selling it to the rest of the world.

Bali and Borneo are two kratom strains that are very popular amongst frequent kratom users. Before we dig deep down into the crux, it is important to understand why they’re both so popular.

What makes Red Bali so popular?

People who consume red Bali strain claim it has different medical benefits for the human body, but none of the medical research concludes any kratom strain of having any benefit for the human body. People claim it has sedating effects and causes mild buzz in the body. Furthermore, people claim it contributes to the well-being of the human body and provides relaxation to the brain.

Bali is highly applauded by the users, for they claim it provides them sharp focus and boosts their energy. Following is a list of other effects that users have experienced with the use of this strain:
· Muscle relaxation
· Sedation
· Restful sleep
· Sense of calm
· Better mood
· Motivation

Keep in mind, these are the claims made by people and none of them are approved by medical science.

Why is Borneo popular?

This strain is readily available on all kratom selling websites. If you want to buy good quality Borneo strain you must register a purchase with the kratom crazy supplier to receive the shipment soon. Not much information is available on the web regarding this strain. People who consume this strain frequently claim it provides relaxation to the body, cures muscle pain and gives relaxation to the body. Other users of Borneo strain claim it is a great healer for migraines and cure severe headaches. Again, these claims are vague for medical science and don’t support kratom to be used as a suitable drug.

What are the cons of consuming kratom?

People who consume kratom frequently come up with several problems at the end of the day. There’s no escape from the fact, a lot of people swoon over this plant, but there are many other people who have experienced some of the worst repercussions of consuming kratom. Some of which are:
· Dizziness
· Nausea
· Vomiting
· Fatigue
· Heart palpitations
· Lethargy
· Constipation
· Irritability
· Dilated pupils
· Diarrhea

Out of these mentioned side effects of kratom, the most common is constipation. People claim the use of kratom causes constipation after a short time.

Lastly, nothing can be said regarding which strain is better. Bali is famous, whereas Borneo is not so famous amongst kratom users. Furthermore, with no medical evidence, it is difficult to paddle any good suggestion regarding one of these two being more suitable.