Things to Do

1. Biking around the city

Besides being affordable, cycling is certainly healthy. The size of the city of Bandung which is not too big allows you to get around by bicycle. If you don’t bring your own bicycle, you can rent a Bike Sharing named Boseh. How to rent it is quite easy, you just need to register at the bicycle stop located in Cibeunying Park. The rate is only 1000 per hour. The stops are scattered in several areas in the city of Bandung which can be found via the Boseh Application.

2. Visiting Parks

Bandung also has several charming parks that are comfortable for you to visit. We suggest you to visit the Bandung City Hall area. Here there are 4 thematic parks that you can go to, starting from City Hall Park, Historical Park, Vanda Park, & Baksil Forest Walk

3. Visiting Museum

Not only parks, but Bandung also has various museums with very interesting dioramas. Try to visit the Geology Museum for those of you who want to see various Geological objects. You can also try visiting the Gedung Sate Museum to learn about the history of Bandung. For the Geology Museum, you only need to pay IDR 3,000 for local tourists and 10 thousand for foreign tourists. As for the Gedung Sate Museum, you only need to pay IDR 5,000.

4. Photo Hunting

Bandung offers several photogenic spots and of course it’s free. We recommend that you walk early to the Jl. Braga, Jl. Asia Africa, Bandung Square, or Jl. A B C. You can get photos with historical or street nuances in these areas.

5. Visiting Dago Atas

It feels less if you go to Bandung but do not visit the mountain area. The fastest and cheapest way to feel the atmosphere of the mountains of Bandung is by visiting Dago Atas. You can visit the Juanda Forest Park and Tebing Keraton. We strongly recommend you use a car-hailing service or ojek online. or mountain bikes when visiting here.


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