Bandung is known to be the favorite city in Indonesia for backpackers. With its charming vibe, fresh air, and not too big to be explored, Bandung also offers an affordable journey. Plan your backpacking journey in Bandung and here is our guide for you.

Where to Stay

1. Fave Hotel Braga

If you are looking for a budget hotel in a central area like Braga, Fave Hotel Braga could be the best choice. The hotel is located in Braga Citywalk, so easy for you to find anything you need, from food to entertainment. As well as near to the city’s most attractive tourist destinations, such as Jl. Braga, Jl. Asia Africa, Bandung Square, and Taman Balai Kota Bandung.

Jl. Braga No.99-101, Braga, Sumur Bandung, Bandung
P: (+6222) 84468222

2. Bobobox

This hotel is hype among backpackers because the rooms are simple and affordable. You will occupy a box that can fit up to 2 people. Bobobox is also famous for its pods that can be managed through Bobobox Apps. Bobobox currently has two hotels in Bandung, namely in the Kaliki and Dago Sand areas. Bobobox is the trusted accommodation service for smart travelers and millennial adventurers. With Bobobox, the traveler encounters a unique experience by staying in a distinctive space that provides an effective and yet fun accommodation in multiple locations. The place values zen simplicity and environmental friendliness, side by side with the most advanced comfort for a seamless experience.

Jl. Pasir Kaliki No.76A, Pasir Kaliki, Cicendo, Bandung
P: (+6222) 4266430

3. INAP at Capsule

INAP at Capsule is a hotel that pioneered capsule hotels in Bandung. The uniqueness of this capsule hotel is it is located in the Grand Asia Africa Apartment area on the 19th floor. Therefore, Inap at Capsule is the highest capsule hotel in Bandung. While sleeping here, you can see the view of the city from the top of the building and directly from the glass window of the room. You don’t need an alarm to wake you up in the morning. It’s the warm light of the sun that will wake you up when the morning approaches.

Jl. Lengkong Kecil, Paledang, Lengkong, Bandung
P: (+6222) 73518610

4. Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast

If you want to find a hotel that is not too crowded, Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast is probably the right place. Located in the Sukawarna area, the location around the hotel is relatively chill. The hotel equipped with an interior design filled with pastel colors. Perfect place to take many Insta-worthy pictures. This hotel also located near GT Pasteur.

Jl. Mustang Blok B2 No.1A, Sukawarna, Bandung
P: +62851-0119-1234

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Where to Eat

Bandung maintains its reputation as one of the best place for a culinary experience, as the city offers scrumptious foods at an affordable price. Make sure to visit some of the best culinary spots in Bandung as we list below:

1. Gelap Nyawang

Every night at Gelap Nyawang, you can find many food vendors with various types. One that is always crowded is the Ayam Bakar Bundo. The place is famous for its spicy roasted chicken with the price of one portion ranging from IDR15-18 thousand. Also, for dim sum fans, be sure to try Dimsum Tamansari. We suggest you arrive early as the queue is usually long. The price ranges from IDR13-15 thousand.

Jl. Gelap Nyawang, Bandung

2. Dipatiukur

Jl. Dipatiukur became a hot spot, especially amongst youngster, after Padjadjaran University was established. Located near campus, experience affordable culinary experience with a wide selection available. Dim sum, Padang Satay, Fried Rice, and various kinds of food are sold here. For those of you who love fried duck, you should try Bebek Ali Borme or Bebeke Om Aris. The price per portion is around IDR 18,000.

Jl. Dipatiukur, Bandung

3. Cibadak

This area is a heaven for seafood lovers. You can find a variety of Chinese cuisine here, including the famous Sudirman Street area. Apart from that spot, another popular spot here is Kobe, which is also famous for its bountiful Steamboat. The steamboat is around IDR 150,000 for 4 people. Make sure to also try Sweet Potato balls for only IDR 2,000 per piece.

Jl. Cibadak, Bandung

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