Corona Virus or Covid-19 is currently a worrying specter in our community. The spread of this virus continues to increase from day to day, and many people are increasingly worried to carry out activities outside the home, especially in public areas. Therefore, efforts to prevent the widespread of the Corona Virus continue to be made so that the number of sufferers decreases.

Related to the prevention of Corona Virus or Covid-19, AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA takes serious actions ranging from preventive measures to treatment in accordance with the direction of the Dinas Kesehatan (DinKes) and the World Health Organization (WHO). This procedure is intended for guests, hotel employees, and everyone including vendors who will enter the hotel environment.

Currently, AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA has prevented the entry of Corona Virus and its spread in an orderly, measurable and consistent manner. The following are the five stages of prevention carried out strictly and thoroughly from the AYANA Midplaza hotel in JAKARTA, which can be an inspiration to avoid the transmission of Corona Virus.

1. Body Temperature Checking
Before entering the hotel area, staff, guests, contractors, and suppliers must go through the body temperature measurement process. This applies absolutely to every entrance. If the body temperature is above 37.8o C, then guests or staff are not permitted to enter the hotel area but are given a referral to the nearest hospital according to the direction of the Health Service, accompanied by the Hotel AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA.

2. Internal Campaign
Awareness to maintain health is also driven throughout by hotel staff. By providing socialization on how to maintain personal hygiene, various stages of preventing transmission of the virus are constantly reminded every day as an effort to increase preventive awareness for the good of oneself and guests. With high self-awareness, it is hoped that the various stages of protecting one’s health from the potential transmission of the virus can be avoided.

3. Comprehensive Sanitation Installation
Hotel public areas related to sanitation are always kept clean and sterilized for guests and hotel staff, from the availability of soap, wipes to hand dryers. But with the rampant spread of Corona Virus, sanitation levels have been increased starting from the presence of disinfectant liquids in every corner of the hotel public areas, from toilets, reception desks to outlets that are often approached.

4. Health Mask
The use of health masks is crucial for everyone who to avoid contracting the virus, or for those who feel that their health has begun to decline. Highly recommended for those who start sneezing or show symptoms of deteriorating health conditions to wear health masks that can be obtained from hotel staff.

5. Improvement of Public Spaces Cleanliness
The cleanliness of public spaces is in the spotlight nowadays. The best effort made by AYANA Midplaza Hotel JAKARTA is to increase the frequency of public spaces and guest rooms cleaning. The hotel has many public spaces, ranging from the lobby, lounge, gym, spa, swimming pool, restaurant, meeting rooms to the ballroom. It is also advisable for all staff who interact with guests or cleaning activities to also avoid the possibility of transmission of the virus, starting from oneself wearing a health mask, always washing hands and areas of the body exposed to free air, followed by the use of disinfectant fluids.

AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA continues to strive consistently and structured in implementing security procedures and management by following the Standard Operating Procedures to anticipate the spread of viruses in hotels.

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