Unlike cruise ships that are carried out on the high seas, sailing on major rivers in Europe offers a different experience. Tourists do not just enjoy the luxurious facilities on board. They can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of European cities from the ship.

With the increasing interest of Indonesian travelers on cruise ships, Avalon Waterways®, a cruise ship that has been innovating for 15 years at River Cruising offers a different experience, namely exploring the most magnificent rivers in Europe such as the Rhine, Danube, Moselle, Rhone, Seine, Saone. Wrapped in luxury ships and complete facilities, river cruising is very much exciting. Avalon Waterways® will be able to create a blend of luxury, comfort and all kinds of activities that will provide an unforgettable holiday experience.

One of the innovations made by Avalon Waterways® to provide an unforgettable experience and imagination is to present the Panorama Suites Cabin. The cabin concept with the widest “Open-Air Balconies” on river cruise cruises, the only cabin with a wide-open balcony, The wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows, 3.4-meter windows that are almost the size of a wall and as high as the cabin is open to see the world waiting to be explored.

Another advantage, Avalon Waterways® has a Comfort Collection Beds that lookout to see the incredible scenery around the river. Each cabin is equipped with a spacious exclusive bathroom and the famous L’Occitane products are provided as toiletries. Also equipped with TV, towel coat, sleeping slippers, drinking water as well as facilities in star hotels.

While on a cruise, travelers will also be entertained with various facilities and services. Including, the Avalon Waterways® Dining room serves delicious food prepared from fresh ingredients by the chef of the ship. The Panorama Bistro and Club Lounge also provide snacks and drinks while relaxing. This ship is also equipped with a Fitness Center and Salon.

More information: https://www.avalonwaterways.com/