ARTOTEL Group is proud to announce the development of the group’s integrated merchandise platform – ARTOTEL MART. As the merchandise business concept promoted by ARTOTEL Group, ARTOTEL MART continues to promote Indonesia’s contemporary art through collaborating with Indonesian young artists to produce and sell various of art merchandise.

ARTOTEL MART will display various sort of art merchandise, including products uniquely crafted by the ARTOTEL Group team as well as consignment cooperation with artists and creative industry players. One of ARTOTEL MART brands represents ART OF LIFE, which recently launched the fourth volume with the title “HI4TUS”. ARTOTEL MART further collaborates with galleries and Indonesia’s creative arts events, such as in ARTJOG & Art Jakarta 2019.

For Art Jakarta 2019 which will take place on August 30 – September 1, 2019 in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), ARTOTEL MART will display various original products made by ARTOTEL Group’s creative team with the theme of ‘ARTITUDE”, which is a new character of ARTOTEL Group displayed to the public in different form of shirts, accessories, and bags. The next ARTITUDE products will continue to produce and sell in all ARTOTEL properties, official website, and ARTOTEL MART social media.

Yulia Maria, Assistant Director of Marcomm ARTOTEL Group adds, “With ARTOTEL MART, we want to create tremendous support to Indonesian art and creative industry players for creating arts products that can be sold to the publics, especially arts enthusiasts, which in return to grow Indonesia’s creative economy.

To find out more about ARTOTEL MART, visit the official website of ARTOTEL MART in and social media in Instagram: @artotelmart and Facebook : ARTOTEL MART