ARTOTEL Group is proud to announce its joint venture cooperation with Sinar Mas Land to establish one joint company with the name of PT SINAR ARTOTEL INDONESIA (PT SAI). The joint venture cooperation aims to manage Rooms Inc, a hotel brand initially created and owned by SINAR MAS LAND. PT. SAI also strives to expand Rooms Inc. to become a hotel network that expands throughout Indonesia. Also, PT. SAI will manage and expand other hotel brand owned by SINAR MAS LAND. 

ARTOTEL Group is very enthusiastic about partnering to manage and expand the Rooms Inc. brand. Rooms Inc. is a design hotel that carries urban and modern lifestyle, which fits the characteristic of ARTOTEL Group’s boutique hotel and lifestyle concept. Rooms Inc. will become one of ARTOTEL Group’s brand portfolio to offer hotel investors interested to have their properties managed by ARTOTEL Group as the management operator.

Eduard Rudolf Pangkerego – Alphonsus Widjaja – Erastus Radjimin – Alan Yuslan

Currently, Rooms Inc. Hotel has been operating at Semarang city with stylish and trendy hotel facilities complimented with modern technologies appliances, to attract the millennial market segment. Situated on DP Mall, located at Jl. Pemuda Semarang, the hotel is also within 300 meters from Semarang’s famous historical building, Lawang Sewu. The hotel has 162 urban rooms, stylish meeting rooms, and special entertainment rooms such as Playroom, digital hub, gymnastic, as well as a rooftop with beautiful scenery of Lawang Sewu and Semarang city.

Erastus Radjimin, CEO ARTOTEL Group, adds “Starting from my small talk with Michael Widjaya, CEO Sinar Mas Land, finally there is an agreement to make the joint company, PT SINAR ARTOTEL INDONESIA to manage Rooms Inc. hotel brand. We are very grateful and proud that SINAR MAS LAND have seen ARTOTEL Group as the only hospitality management in Indonesia to succeed integrate hospitality industry with creativity and therefore We are the right party that is able to manage all Rooms Inc hotels.”

By signing this collaboration as the first step, we will make an adjustment to this brand with the business module of ARTOTEL Group, with pipeline target of more than 50 hotels that expand around Indonesia in 2022. We hope Rooms Inc. will become Indonesia hotel lifestyle economic brand that very popular by Indonesians and International”.