Two big brands, ARTOTEL Group and Dafam Hotel Management collaborate to build the Indonesian hospitality industry ecosystem to be stronger, bigger and able to host in their own country when entertaining foreign and local tourists.

The agreement for the two brands was conveyed by both parties on Tuesday (11/23/2021) on the sidelines of the Himpunan Anak Media’s (Jakarta’s Media Association) Anniversary celebration at ArtOtel Gajahmada, Semarang.

Eduard Rudolf Pangkerego, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ARTOTEL Group stated, this collaboration with DHM wants to be the “Middle Axis” for the Indonesian hospitality industry to be stronger and bigger so as to be able to move the ecosystem in it.

In numbers, this collaboration becomes a strategy to increase the market range or to add volume numbers. “If we have 50 hotels with occupancy, for example 50%, then multiplied by 2,500 people and multiplied by 30 days, this will look big,” said Edu, his nickname. He added, with this number, there is an ecosystem that is formed and supports each other or supports each other.

“So it’s not only the hotel itself, there could be other players such as health applications that will join to meet the health protocol standards that have been recommended by the central government for the hotel industry,” he explained.

Not only that, this ecosystem is also able to involve creative industry players with the scale of MSMEs in Indonesia will also be involved in it by providing souvenirs and others. “This collaboration is expected to build an ecosystem that drives the national economy from hospitality. This will increase the public rate and the ecosystem itself. And this is what investors will be looking for,” he added.

Meanwhile, Andhy Irawan, MBA, Chief Executive Officer of Dafam Hotel Management on the same occasion added, two years ago, many DHMs wanted to “propose” such as several foreign hotel operators from Japan, Spain and others with 100 percent acquisition status. But DHM flatly refused, because DHM “DNA” is Red and White. “Then our mindset changed. We wanted to be big before the pandemic, but after the pandemic, it sharpened the focus of the hospitality business by collaborating. Not a merger or acquisition, we agreed to use the language of collaboration,” said Andhy Irawan. He added the main reason they collaborating with ARTOTEL Group because they have the same chemistry, which is not to be the best between the two brands, but to be the biggest in the hospitality industry in Indonesia.

The celebration of the 14th Jakarta’s Media Association Anniversary was fully supported by Kampoeng Kopi Banaran, Kab. Semarang, ARTOTEL Group, White Horse, Naraya Medical Center, TTC Indonesia, Mc Donalds Indonesia, Indofood, Vicenza, Serena Biscuit, Paxel, Cotta Coffee, B-Clinic, Dermaster, Moayu, ZAP, Celebrity Fitnes, Lois, Ardiles, Bebazzin Aja , Alleira, Teh 63, and a number of hotels and restaurants.