Archipelago International’s annual History Tour, better known as the Archipelago Heritage Tour, is held again this year in Jakarta. Raising the Betawi Heritage theme, Archipelago International again collaborated with the Jakarta Good Guide community for a visit to Betawi Village in Setu Babakan. Setu Babakan or known by another name Lake Babakan is located in Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. This place that serves as a center for the preservation of Betawi culture offers a variety of attractions that guests can enjoy, some of which are:

1. Visiting the Betawi House
Rumah Betawi in Setu Babakan is divided into 3 types: Warehouse or Cage Betawi House, Kebaya or Bapang Betawi House, and Joglo House. The yard of each house is planted with a variety of trees and lush plants commonly found in vintage Betawi Houses. Including Melinjo, Jambu, Kecapi, Jamblang, Krendang, Guni, Nangka Cimpedak, Nam-nam, and Jengkol.

2. Enjoying Betawi cuisine
In Kampung Betawi, visitors can eat a variety of typical Betawi dishes such as Egg Crust or Kerak Telor, Fried Toge, Arum Manis, Rujak Bebek, Soto Betawi, Potong Ice, Durian Ice, Selendang Mayang Ice, Pletok Beer, Nasi Uduk, Nasi Ulam, Lontong Sayur, Rangi cakes, and many others while enjoying the view of the lake.

3. Seeing typical Betawi art
Some of the typical Betawi arts performed at Setu Babakan are Lenong, Mask Dance, Tanjidor, Marawis, Gambang Kromong, Lenggang Nyai Dance, and Narojeng Dance. In addition, there are also several traditional ceremonies which are often celebrated such as the circumcision ceremony, housewarming, Khatam Qur’an, and Nujuh Bulan.

4. Surrounding Setu Babakan on a Kayuh Boat
Visitors can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in Setu Babakan by paddling a goose boat with a capacity of 2 people. On weekends, the cost of riding a goose boat is Rp. 10,000 per person. While on weekdays, visitors only pay IDR 8,000 for adults and IDR 6,000 for children.

5. Fishing
Setu Babakan has 2 types of pools namely free ponds and paid pools. Each has a depth of up to 5 meters with various types of fish, such as tilapia fish, goldfish, and broom fish. In addition to fishing, visitors can also watch the activities of freshwater fish farmers who cultivate various freshwater fish, such as carp and catfish.

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