Korean food has increased in popularity amongst Indonesians and is the preferred choice of dining option by many. Archipelago, Southeast Asia’s largest private and independent hotel management group, proudly hosted the first Chef Table with Korean Ambassador Park Tae-Sung at the residence of the South Korean Ambassador in Jakarta.

Corporate Executive Chef, Santoso Windoe, headed a team of five chefs from five different hotels under the Archipelago flagship. The team of chefs crafted six signature Korean dishes that are unique to their respective hotels. These dishes included Jjamppong from ASTON Anyer Beach Hotel, Kimchi Sujebi from ASTON Cilegon Boutique Hotel, Beef Galbi from Harper MT Haryono, Yangneom Chicken from favehotel Puri Indah, and Bulgogi from ASTON Priority Simatupang. A refreshing Strawberry Korean Latte was also presented from ASTON Cilegon to end this special dining experience.

During the event, Ambassador PARK Tae-sung, and esteemed guests, were welcomed to enjoy the Korean dishes presented, and score and comment on each dish prepared by the chefs. The aim was to create a learning opportunity in creating authentic Korean cuisine directly from the experts. The event was also attended by VIP guests from the embassy; Mr. LEE Joonsan, Counsellor of Korean Embassy to Indonesia, Mr. KIM Yongwoon, Head of Korean Cultural Center Indonesia, Mr. PARK Jae-han, President of Korean Association Indonesia, Ms. HUR Young Soon, President of Kowin Indonesia: Korean Women’s International Network in Indonesia, Mr. LEE Kang Hyun (Vice President of Kocham Indonesia: Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Indonesia), Mr. CHUN Myung Hyun, President of KRAI: Korean Restaurant Association in Indonesia/ Owner of Restaurant Myoung-Ga Myeon-Ok, Mr. Jason CHUNG, Honorary of KRAI/ Owner of Legend of Noodle Restaurant, Mr. KANG Jin Ho, Chef/ Owner of Cheong-Dam Garden, Mr. JUN Byung Joon (Chef Jun), and Ms. JUNG Da Kyung (Chef).

“This is the first time for the Embassy to host the chef’s table in collaboration with chefs from Korea and Indonesia. I am happy to have this chance to share the authenticity of healthy and delicious K-Food with my Indonesian friends,” said Ambassador Park Tae-sung.

“Korean culture has made a big impact on today’s Indonesian food scene, and we are honored to have the opportunity to present our Korean food interpretation to Ambassador Park Tae Sung and honored guests.
We are also very delighted to hear various valuable tips and feedback on how to create authentic Korean cuisine. These are important for my team to better understand where we have been successful in maintaining authenticity and where we need to improve. We also hope that we can use this experience and implement it into our menus where our hotel guests can enjoy authentic Korean cuisine without having to travel far.” said Executive Chef of Archipelago, Santoso Windoe.

After the dining experience and feedback session, the Archipelago chef had also the opportunity to try authentic Korean Cuisine namely Jjamppong brought by Mr. Jason CHUNG from Legend of Noodle Restaurant, Beef Galbi brought by Mr. CHUN Myung Hyun from Myoung-Ga Myeon-Ok as well as japchae, Namul, Jeon, and Bibimbap from Mr. KANG Jin Ho from Cheong-Dam Garden. Chef Jun also shared his knowledge and a brief explanation of Korean dishes by Chef Jun. This initiative is the beginning of a partnership between Archipelago and the Embassy of Korea in Indonesia to develop a beautiful and lasting relationship. In the future, Archipelago will have other collaborations in F&B with KRAI and Chef Jun where Indonesian chefs can learn more about Korean Cuisine and bring the Korean wave into the hotels under Archipelago’s umbrella as well as International Food Festivals.

In addition to the Chef Table event, Archipelago also invites guests to discover the best and must eat Korean cuisine guaranteed to satisfy taste buds. Choose from Kimchi Fried Rice, Bibim Naengmyeon, Beef Bulgogi, Japchae, Ramyeon, and many more. Each hotel under Archipelago offers different Korean cuisine to guests, making every dining experience unique. This exclusive offer is available in 86 hotels throughout Indonesia and is valid until the end of February.

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