ACG School Jakarta hosted their annual Year 6 IB PYP Exhibition on Friday, 26 April 2019. The IB PYP Exhibition is a celebration of the students’ transition from Primary into Secondary School. With the theme “Sharing the Planet,” the students focused on several different real-life issues, ranging from environmental sustainability, how people interact with one another, social conflicts, and more.

Wayne Martin, Senior Teacher

Wayne Martin, Senior Teacher of ACG School Jakarta, explained that each student chose what they wanted to focus on after this year’s theme was shared with them. “After deciding the challenge or opportunity they wanted to focus on, they began the process of developing their own questions. They then conducted research, interviewing people related to the issue, conducting surveys and exploring relevant texts,” Wayne explained. He also said that the students were supported while conducting their research by the classroom teachers, their assigned mentors, and of course, their parents.

Some of the topics chosen by the students were Animal Testing, Child Abuse, Corruption, Water Pollution, and Women Leadership. It was amazing that the students not only shared the information about the issue, but also showed how they are taking a real-life action. After investigating through a guided inquiry process and developing their knowledge and understandings, the unit of inquiry leads them to personal action. Wayne said, “The idea is to guide the student to take action. We look at how an 11-year-old can make an impact on their chosen issue.”

Other than the student exhibits, the event was enlivened by Arts performances presented by the students, ranging from a theatrical piece about water pollution and deforestation, a compilation of music performances, and a modern dance performance.

ACG School Jakarta
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