The role of parents in selecting a school for their children is indeed very important. Various things need to be considered before deciding which school is the best for their kids. Especially for parents who are just about to enroll their children in school, here are some things you need to consider.

1. You child’s needs

If this is the first time your child is going to school, sum up what are the most important things she/he really needs in school. Some questions you need to answer by yourself are including: does your child need a structured environment or not, challenging work, an environment that fosters creativity, or more individual attention. When your child is old enough to have a discussion, ask her/his opinion about what kind of school she/he likes. What kind of learning system becomes your child’s preference. You also need to express what kind of school you want for her/him. This would open compromises and produce joint decisions between you and your child.

2. The school location

Especially for children of kindergarten and elementary school age, school location is a matter that must be considered. We recommend choosing a school that the location is not too far from home. If it’s too far, it will affect the physical condition of children. They could be tired on the way to school then have less motivation and focus to study. In addition, schools that are far from home will make your child’s spare time to play become more limited.

3. The learning system

Of course as a parent you want your child to study in schools that have a top education system. This is certainly not wrong, but you need to still pay attention to your child’s needs and competence. Make sure the learning system at school doesn’t overwhelm your child and encourages her/his potential to continue to grow. You can also take your child while consulting with the school’s representatives.

4. Teachers

Teachers play an important role in school as your child will spend almost half of the day with them. Ensure that the school has good, professional, and knowledgeable teachers in the field she/he teaches. In addition, teachers should be able to develop a pleasant learning environment in the classroom and have good communication with students. If the school that you are interested in offers a class trial, don’t waste this opportunity to meet directly with prospective teachers as you can see their learning style.

5. School environment

You can assess conditions and the environment at the school by attending the school’s open houses. Be sure to pay attention to the facilities and infrastructure in the school, as well as the teacher’s interaction and the atmosphere of the teaching and learning activities. In addition to supporting teaching and learning facilities, the conditions of other facilities, such as toilets, canteens, buildings, and classes also need your attention.

6. Activity cost

Cost is a consideration that we must pay attention to before enrolling a child in the intended school. Some of these include costs incurred each month, such as monthly school fees, lunch fees, shuttle fees, extracurricular fees, and others. Likewise with the annual school fees, such as annual activity costs and book fees for a year. Get to know every information about the cost component of the school to be taken into consideration whether it is in line with the budget or not.

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