Are you a new parent with a toddler at home? If you are, you might be at a point where you start to think of enrolling your child in kindergarten. With endless options out there, how do you pick the best kindergarten program where your child thrives?

If you are currently at the crossroads, here are some practical tips:

1. Evaluate your own vision for education.

What kind of school do you want your child to be in? What are the skills you want your child to develop? Start by defining a good education in your own words, and then get to know the school’s vision, mission, and philosophy of learning.

2. Look for a well-rounded and balanced program.

We all want our children to grow in all aspects, not only in their mental abilities, but also in their physical, emotional, and social skills. In their earliest years, children are developing rapidly in many areas, and require a balanced program that focuses on the whole child. Find a kindergarten program that incorporates hands-on and creative activities in their daily teaching and learning.

3. Seek passionate teachers with solid expertise in Early Years education.

An excellent program can only be achieved with a team of enthusiastic and invested teachers who are well-trained in the field of Early Childhood Education. Since teachers are the biggest influence a child can have in school, it is best to learn more about the teachers’ backgrounds and observe them in action before choosing your school.

4. Pay attention to the class size.

A smaller class size means a greater opportunity for teachers to meet the needs of each child. Teachers will have more attentiveness and interaction with everyone, and students will be more engaged in class. Along with this, it is also important to know the degree of discipline that is reinforced in the class. A class filled with toddlers screaming or running around is absolutely not what you are looking for.

5. Consider the larger school community and its learning pathway.

If you are opting for a K-12 school, be sure to examine the larger community beyond the kindergarten classes. Will you feel at home within the whole school community? Does the school have a dedicated support system? When your child finishes kindergarten, how will you feel about continuing to enroll your child in the same school?

Most importantly, remember that learning should be fun! Your young ones will learn the best in a fun and enjoyable learning environment. Happy kids are the best learners.

Finally, be sure to visit the school and gain firsthand experience of their daily teaching, learning, and interactions. Gather all the information you need, observe, and trust your gut; you are the one who knows what is best for your child!

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) offers an excellent Early Childhood Education program for children ages 1 – 6 that utilizes a comprehensive, holistic approach to education. Our well-rounded approach prepares children to be independent learners and lays a solid foundation for primary school and fostering a character they will take with them beyond school.

If you are looking for a quality kindergarten program, Sekolah Pelita Harapan could be the best choice for you. Come and join our free Kindy Trial Class!

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