Home to numerous cuisines, a trip to Surabaya is incomplete without exploring their culinary goodness, which includes some incredible seafood. While there are many seafood restaurants in the city, only a few have super worthy dishes to indulge on and are considered a must-try. From tantalizing fish to crustaceans, clams and more, these restaurants below have got all of your seafood needs covered:

1. Layar Seafood

Layar Seafood was one of the first seafood restaurants to have established in the town and it has maintained an unbeatable reputation as one of the must-try restaurants, even in Jakarta. At this restaurant, you get to choose live seafood directly from the aquarium, and you will find a wide variety of the freshest kind – from fish to lobsters, prawns, crabs, clams and more. Once you choose your piece, you get to choose the style and flavor it gets cooked in, such as grilled, sautéed or fried in sweet and sour sauce or spicy sauce and more. Tease your palate with the freshest produce and flavors here.

Address: Jl Manyar Kertoarjo No.62-64, Surabaya
Telephone: (+62 31) 594 7666 / (+62 31) 594 6653

Address: Jl Abdul Wahan Siamin, No.88, Surabaya
Telephone: (+62 31) 568 3716 / (+62 31) 568 7389

Instagram: layarseafood99

2. Kepiting Cak Gundul

Photo: eatjogja.com

From its name, we are sure you can tell what is the specialty of this restaurant – crab! Established since 1992 in Surabaya, this restaurant quickly grew to the popularity and maintained its standing for serving some of the best crabs in town, even at their Yogyakarta and Jakarta branch. Aside from delicious crabs cooked in various sauces of your choice, this restaurant also serves fish, crab, squid, clams, chicken, veggies and more cooked in a variety of ways – from grilled to sautéed, boiled and fried.

Address: Jl Raya Kupang Indah No. 45 C-D, Suko Manunggal, Surabaya
Telephone: (+62 31) 732 7554

3. Ikan Bakar Seafood Genteng Besar

Photo: DiarySivika

While Ikan Bakar Seafood Genteng Besar is a hawker street food, you will be blown away by the freshness of their produce and most importantly, their mouthwatering flavors. Located in the city center, this restaurant is super popular amongst the locals so much so that you should prepare to wait in line to get a table. Expect to eat a variety of yummy seafood including a wide range of fish options, crabs, clams and squids here! And the best part, eating here is fairly pocket-friendly.

Address: Jl Genteng Besar No.81A, Surabaya
Telephone: (+62 822) 2888 4686 / (+6 2813) 3285 9284

4. Seafood Factory

While its small in size, Seafood Factory is one of the most recommended restaurants not only because of its incredibly affordable price but also for quality produce and delectable flavors. You would find an array of seafood here, from fish, squid, prawns, clams and much more. They are also very well known for their variety of sauces such as sweet and sour, Padang sauce, oyster sauce, and even salted egg.

Address: Jl Manyar Jaya V-A No.28, Belakang UNTAG, Sukolilo, Surabaya
Telephone: (+62 811) 348 943
Instagram: seafoodfactory.id

5. Artomoro Seafood

Photo: www.surabayarek.com

Head on to the west of Surabaya and you will find this semi-open-air humble joint that never fails to be crowded. This restaurant is well known for cooking crab in a variety of sauces, but they have a special secret sauce that everyone raves about. Aside from crabs, they have a wide range of fish to choose from as well other seafood such as prawns, squids, and clams cooked in different ways with different sauces – from grilled to fried, sautéed, blanched and more. On top of that, the restaurant is quite friendly to the pocket.

Address: Jl Mayjen HR. Muhammad No.369, Surabaya
Telephone: (+62 857) 4622 7622

By: Divyha Pridhnani-Bhojwani