Māori philosophies guide their relationships with all things – including people, physical things, money, the environment, and the world. The below article is the fourth of five articles that we are sharing over five weeks on different Māori concepts that guide us at New Zealand School Jakarta (NZSJ) – philosophies to raise our children with and to apply in our teaching and learning. Enjoy!

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Kotahitanga is a Māori term which means togetherness. It emphasises the concept of unity and working together to achieve common goals. As one whānau, we must extend awhina (support) to others and unite to protect our environment and uplift each other.

We recognize that serving our students and nurturing children ‘takes a village’. For this reason, we partner with the ‘whānau’, a Maori term for extended family or community. In practice, this means working closely with parents, guardians, and families as the main asset in their children’s lives.

In order for children to feel a sense of togetherness, it is important for them to feel involved and part of the school community with regular opportunities to connect with their teacher, friends, and family members. We are a small school for whom relationships and a strong sense of community are paramount to who we are. Learners, families, teachers, and staff should feel a strong sense of belonging in a community that is supportive and responsive.

At New Zealand School Jakarta, we understand that to make a positive impact in our world, we must mahi tahi (work together) and have a united vision. This unity springs from our diversity and teaches children that although we have differences in nationality, race, language, gender, religion, etc, we are all part of the same community and can learn from each other to make a better world for the future.

NZSJ is looking to grow our community with families that:

  • Have children aged between 18 months and 16 years
  • Share our values such as those described above
  • Believe in progressive education – play-based for the younger years and inquiry-based as they get older
  • Want to be part of and contribute to a warm community
  • Are looking for a school that believes in and applies a ‘whole-child’ approach to education, nurturing the child’s academic, social, emotional, physical and creative needs
  • Are from anywhere in the world! 🙂

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