It is no secret that Japanese cuisine is a favorite among Indonesians. While there are many options out there, only a few restaurants have mastered the quality and flavors of all kinds of Japanese dishes including sushi, ramen, yakiniku, ramen, tempura and teriyaki in Yogyakarta. Here are five Japanese restaurants in the city that is worth trying.

1. Hakata Ikkousha Ramen Restaurant

There is nothing more comforting than a piping hot bowl of noodle soup, especially when it comes in the form of a Japanese favorite, ramen. And one of the most popular restaurants to serve the very best of ramen bowls in the nation, including Yogyakarta, is Hakkata Ikousha. Here you get to choose from a variety of chicken or pork ramen flavors including original, curry and taucho ramen. You can also customize your ramen order with a particular kind of noodles or toppings. Aside from ramen, the restaurant also serves other dishes including hotplates, curries, yakiniku, porridge, and even Japanese steak. All thanks to its popularity, you can find three branches of Hakata Ikousha around town.

Address 1: Jl Demangan Baru No. 16, Ruko Demangan Kav 2-3, Yogyakarta
Telephone: (+62 274) 557 651

Address 2: Jl Magelang KM.6, City Mall, Ground Floor #28, Yogyakarta
Telephone: (+62 274) 539 4237

Address 3: Jl Raya Ringroad Utara, Condong Catur Depok Sleman, Hartono Mall lt.2, Yogyakarta
Telephone: (+62 274) 501 1124
IG: ikkoushajogja

2. Hikaru Dining Japanese Restaurant

Hikaru Dining Japanese Restaurant is one of the most popular family-style restaurants that serve quality Japanese dishes in Yogyakarta. Founded by a chef-owner couple, Hikaru Dining Japanese Restaurant first originated in Singapore, where they won numerous awards. At this cozy restaurant, you can find all kinds of authentic Japanese favorites including sushi, sashimi, ramen, udon, garlic fried rice and much more. Hikaru is also known for its specialty rolls such as crunchy spicy tuna roll, salmon rainbow roll, and mango sashimi roll, to name a few. Another bonus is that none of the restaurant’s dishes use MSG.

Address 1: Jl Colombo No.4, Samirono, Cartunggal, Depok, Yogyakarta
Telephone: (+62 877) 3923 8010
IG: hikarudining

3. Nagoya Japanese Fusion Resto

Nagoya Japanese Fusion Resto quickly grew to be one of the city’s favorites, especially among spicy food lovers. Not only does the menu offer a variety of quality Japanese dishes such as donburi, ramen, sushi, and gyoza, to name a few, it also has spice level options from 1 to 10! While you can only find Japanese dishes here, the idea of “fusion” comes from incorporating certain culinary traits that are more akin to the Indonesian palate – such as the spice levels!

Address 1: Jl Prof DR Sardijito No.11, Terban, Yogyakarta
Telephone: (+62 851) 0315 3000

4. Sushi Story

Sushi Story is one of the city’s go-to restaurants for delicious sushi selections. Here you can enjoy sushi starting from a very affordable price of Rp. 5,000, and we guarantee you that the low prices are not a testament to the quality of dishes served. Aside from sushi, you can also find other delicious options including ramen, udon, yakitori, takoyaki and more. Because of the quality dishes at incredibly reasonable prices this restaurant has become especially popular amongst youngsters and students on a budget. Due to its popularity, Sushi Story now has established three branches around town.

Alamat: Jl Affandi No.37, Condongcatur, Yogyakarta
Telephone: (+62 274) 713 4441

5. Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei is surely not a foreign name to your ears. This internationally renowned brand is popular for its authentic, quality and affordable Japanese dishes served in either a table or conveyor belt setting. Here, you can expect a wide array of tantalizing options from sushi, sashimi rolls, miso soup to grilled salmon head, teriyaki sets, udon and much more – you would be spoiled for choices. When in doubt, choose Sushi Tei!

Address: Jl Gejayan, Komplek Colombo No. 9
, Yogyakarta
Telephone: (+62 274) 552 637

By: Divyha Pridhnani-Bhojwani