There are only few types of cuisines that can match up to the rich and tantalizing flavors of Indonesian food, and one of them is Thai cuisine. Due to its similarity in terms of spices and flavors, Thai cuisine is widely acceptable by Indonesian’s palate. So where can you get your Thai-fix in Yogyakarta, you ask? Well, here are four of our recommended restaurants:

1. Yam Yam Restaurant

Photo: ceritamamijuno

Introducing one of Jogja’s highest-rated Thai restaurants in Tripadvisor, Yam Yam Restaurant. Established by a Thai chef-owner, this humble and vegetarian-friendly restaurant serves some of the best, authentic Thai dishes – including Tom Yam soup, Thai red curry, and Thai vermicelli salad. Most of the dishes come with an option for seafood, chicken, beef or vegetables. On a side note, Yam Yam Restaurant also serves Western dishes.

Address: Prawirotaman St No.39, Brontokusuman, Mergangsan, Yogyakarta
P: (+62 812) 2645 6451

2. Phuket Jogja

Started from humble beginnings in 2006, Phuket Jogja has grown to be one of the city’s most favorite Thai restaurants with a total of four branches in town. Aside from popular Thai dishes such as Thai mango salad, Thai green curry, and Tom Yum soup, you get to also enjoy some authentic Thai coffee and tea selections, here.

Address 1: Jl Dr Wahidin No.8, Yogyakarta
Address 2: Jl HOS. Cokroaminoto No. 240
Address 3: Jl Demangan Baru No.4
Address 4: Jl Tamansiswa No. 18
P: (+62 274) 383 912

3. Indochine Bistro

While Indochine Bistro is not an exclusively Thai restaurant, this elegant restaurant provides your palate with the opportunity to indulge in some Asian delights, including Thai and Vietnamese food. Some of their popular Thai options include chicken or vegetarian Pad Thai, chicken coconut curry and Thai chicken basil.

Address: Ruko Puluhdadi, Jl Seturan Raya No.1B, Kledokan, Caturtunggal
P: (+62 821) 3578 2929

4. Arroy Mak Mak


Although Arroy Mak Mak is not a proper stand-alone restaurant, this little joint located in one of Yogyakarta’s popular malls, Malioboro Mall, deserves a mention for its incredible array of Thai street food options. Meaning “very delicious” in Thai, Arroy Mak Mak serves simple yet delicious dishes such as garlic and black pepper chicken or beef, Tom Yum soup, Thai curry, and mix satay, which consists of four types of skewered meats: chicken wings, chicken dumplings, fish cake, and cheesy fishcakes. You can also enjoy Thai tea with your meals here.

Address: Mall Malioboro, Jl Maliobo No.3, Suryatmajan
P: (+62 274) 520 352

By: Divyha Pridhnani-Bhojwani