Dapur Cokelat celebrates its 21st birthday on Thursday, 2 June 2022 at Mutiara Ballroom, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. Starting from Ermey Tristiarty’s love for chocolate and her dream to open a dessert shop specializing in chocolate and its derivative products, Dapur Cokelat now has 29 outlets and 45 delivery points throughout Indonesia.

In 2001 Ermey opened a Chocolate Shop accompanied by the late Gusnidar and Ermey’s husband, Okky Dewanto, who is also the President Director of Dapur Cokelat. The chocolate shop which was opened with limited equipment has transformed into Dapur Cokelat that we know today.

For 21 years, Dapur Cokelat has focused on the initial concept, namely a chocolate shop that provides pastry, chocolate-based snacks, and drinks. Supported by a solid team, creativity, and continuous innovation, Dapur Cokelat creates new products along with the times. Dapur Cokelat’s excellent service to realize consumer satisfaction as well as business digitization and competent adaptation in the pandemic era, has succeeded in making Dapur Cokelat not only survive but also continue to grow. As a celebration to commemorate 21 years of work in the Indonesian patisserie industry, Dapur Cokelat presents attractive gifts for its lovers such as:

• Dapur Cokelat application that offers easy access to product information and ordering anytime, anywhere. With this user-friendly application, customers can easily order their favorite cakes including choosing the delivery date and time, choice of the delivery system, and easy payment method, and can be personalized with a special message that the customer wants to send to the recipient of the product. Many beneficial benefits such as a special price promo of IDR 75,000 for the purchase of Double Chocolate Loaf Cake for new users who download the Dapur Cokelat application, and cash back to get a discount on the next transaction. Every month the application member’s birthday will be randomly selected to receive a birthday cake. Dapur Cokelat ensures that every order is made perfectly, especially the safe delivery, easy to deliver, easy to grab, easy to handle so that products stay safe at their destination or when it is taken at the nearest pick-up point.

• At the moment of its 20th anniversary last year, Dapur Cokelat released the book “Dapur Cokelat Berceritat” about the journey of Dapur Cokelat for two decades, this year Dapur Cokelat proudly releases the second edition of the book which has become an inspiration for many people. The book about Ermey’s dreams and experiences and Dapur Cokelat is able to provide motivation for readers who want to start a business, who are running a business, who are struggling to get back up after being hit by the pandemic as well as for young people who have dreams of working in the bakery and patisserie field.

• Dapur Cokelat enthusiastically introduces Chill’n Box, a sister brand that was founded in 2020. Chill’n Box is available in the form of dessert boxes with many variants in easy-to-carry containers that can be enjoyed anytime – anywhere. Personal size packaging is also available with the right portion for one person. Dapur Cokelat’s DNA in the form of chocolate elements can be clearly felt in every Chill’n Box product, some of Chill’n Box’s mainstay products are Chocolight and Apricot Chocolate which is dominant in chocolate flavor.  Chill ‘n Box products can also be found at every outlet and pick-up point of Dapur Cokelat. As with Dapur Cokelat products, Chill’N Box products can be ordered through online marketplaces.

Ermey stated, “Thanks to chocolaters for choosing Dapur Cokelat as their favorite pastry and chocolate shop, we have been through a lot of times together since our establishment in 2001. The loyal customer of Dapur Cokelat at the beginning was dominated by the 90s generation. I remember our customers at that time were teenage girls, who are now mothers, and now their children are also enjoying our cake and chocolate products.”

“I really thank our customers who have always been loyal until Dapur Cokelat is now 21 years old. We will continue and will not stop listening to feedback and suggestions from our customers so that Dapur Cokelat can continue to innovate, improve quality, and develop to create the best products from time to time.” Ermey said.

As an expression of gratitude and gratitude to loyal customers, Dapur Cokelat will surprise you with a special price of only IDR 199,000 for all regular-sized cakes that can be ordered through the Dapur Cokelat application. Another surprise will be the relaunch of its legendary products, one of which is Two Season Cake in a gluten-free version as a healthy choice to eat quality desserts with excellent taste.