As time goes on to be more modern and advanced, batik motifs and designs are also developed to be more trendy to attract young people. Batik has now become more wearable to suit any occasion from formal to casual. Along with this trend, many Indonesian designers also create modern batik, which can not only be used at official events but can also be used for daily activities. For your reference, here are some of the Indonesian batik designers who make batik more modern and fashionable, some with extraordinary cutting and silhouette.

1. Sejauh Mata Memandang

Photo credit: Instagram @sejauh_mata_memandang

Sejauh Mata Memandang which means as far as your eyes can see is inspired by the richness of Indonesian culture, food, nature, and many other things. Their line of materials ranging from cotton, linen, and Tencel. The collections show a minimalist feel of batik, and they also support environmental issues that are currently being discussed by using recycled textiles made from pre-consumption waste that are processed into new materials, pushing towards circularity and protecting ancient and endangered forests.

Instagram: @sejauh_mata_memandang

2. Bateeq

Photo credit: Instagram @bateeqshop

Launched in 2013, bateeq is an Indonesian fashion brand that offers a fresh, fashion-forward take on batik through our clothing line for men, women, and children, in addition to home decor. Known for the innovative motifs, bateeq provides a modern edge to a centuries-old craft to create effortless collections of ready-to-wear dresses, shirts, blouses, and pants for today’s sophisticated consumers and retailers.

Instagram: @bateeqshop

3. IKAT Indonesia by Didiet Maulana

Photo credit: Instagram @ikat_ind

Established in 2011, IKAT Indonesia encapsulated and reinvented the ideas of how the young generation preserving their magical culture in Indonesia through continuously using the art of weaving legacy in fashion industries and aimed at how to promote the curated local artisan by well-designed fashion items.

Passionately in fashion and the deep-intimacy of life, Didiet Maulana brings his focus to delivering the designs that everyone can wear and appreciated in a way humble manner. His dedication and endless efforts made his works highlighted in many countries in the world.

Instagram: @ikat_ind

4. BINHouse

Photo credit: Instagram: @binhouse_official

BIN house’s unique creations of the exquisite fabric have brought presence in the West and Japan, adding exotica to the exciting world of fashion and textiles. It is enjoying a global renewal of interest through its fine shawls, stoles, and ready-to-wear clothes. Every BINHouse piece is something to behold. An almost magical juxtaposition between the old and the new that tells a beautiful story.

Instagram: @binhouse_official

5. Kencana Pajajaran

Photo credit: Instagram @kencanapajajaran

Kencana Pajajaran was founded in 2013 by a local batik creator from Bandung, West Java named Affandi. Kencana Pajajaran empowers local batik artisans from Bandung, Cirebon, Solo and Pekalongan to develop their businesses. The brand strives to preserve and maintain both traditional and modern takes of batik patterns, colors, and silhouettes.

Instagram: @kencanapajajaran

6. Ghea Panggabean

Photo credit: Instagram @gheafashionstudio

Always aiming to bring Indonesia’s cultural heritage, Ghea Panggabean is one of the designers who presents clothing collections with batik elements with boasting designs that combine class, elegance, and timelessness. Jumputan pattern remains GHEA signature pattern and always be everyone’s favorite.

Instagram: @gheafashionstudio

7. DAYS By Danar Hadi

Photo credit: @daysbydanarhadi

Daily basic favors a twist, DAYS by Danar Hadi is precisely taking the roots of batik as an Indonesian national treasure. As batik will always be a way of life, a statement of the whole nation, they value batik as the limitless medium to express the young spirit.

Forget about the matchy-matchy look, here with DAYS, the importance of being outside the square in a sense of style is really easy to pull off. They present the collections to young people with quirky attitudes who blend into the popular culture around them. It’s quirky but easy, it’s versatile but fun – every aspect is an important element in the intense experimentation of daily style.

Instagram: @daysbydanarhadi