The many volcanic mountain ranges that are scattered throughout Indonesia are a natural source of hot springs. The existence of these springs is then transformed into tourist attractions. Here is the list of places where you can have a relaxing bath in a hot spring surrounded by lush nature.

1. Banjar Hot Spring – Bali

Hot Spring in Indonesia

Banjar Hot Springs locally referred to as ‘Air Panas Banjar’, are located approximately 5km southwest from the famous Lovina coast in North Bali. The hot water springs share the same district as the Brahmavihara Arama Buddhist monastery which is located only 1.5km to the east. The centuries-old hot springs have been upgraded with modern facilities over time, and have become a favorite retreat and recreational site among locals and international visitors.

2. Goa Susu – Lombok

Hot Spring in Indonesia
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Goa Susu is located in the Mount Rinjani National Park area. The uniqueness of this cave is that there are natural hot spring that can be used for bathing. The place is named Goa Susu because the warm water there has a white color like milk (susu). The cave stalactite also resembles breast nipples. Goa Susu has a height of about 60 cm with a width of 2 m.

3. Ciater Hot Spring – Bandung

Ciater Hot Spring is a nice park with small pools in which we can sit or swim. The streams and pools are fed by warm mineral springs, which are created by the heat from nearby volcanoes. Its main attraction is the Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort; the pools are probably the best of all the hot springs around Bandung. You can enjoy swimming in warm sulfurous water pools that can heal rheumatism and skin problems.

4. Malanage Hot Spring – Flores

Hot Spring in Indonesia
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Malanage Hotspring or locally known as Wae Bana Malanage is very unique because it is more than just a river stream. It is a meeting between the hot springs where the temperature reaches 96 degrees of Celsius and cold water from the waterfall Wae Roa. The mix of different temperature streams creates unique choices for visitors to experience 3 water temperature; hot, warm or cold showers.

5. Ciwidey Hot Spring Waterpark – Bandung

Hot Spring in Indonesia

Ciwidey is one of the most favorite holiday spots in Bandung. One of the main attractions here is the hot spring area where you can find in Ciwidey Hot Spring Waterpark. There are also various other interesting facilities such as a hot water pool complete with water slides and rides.

6. Candi Umbul – Magelang

Hot Spring in Indonesia

Umbul Temple is a Mataram-era Hindu temple in Kartoharjo, Grabag, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. It consists of numerous stones around two bathing pools which derive their water from a spring. Thought to have been built in the 9th century as a bathing and resting place for the King of Mataram, it was abandoned in the early 11th century but rediscovered by the 19th century. The temple complex, considered a Cultural Property of Indonesia, is open to tourists – including bathers and pilgrims.

7. Angseri Hot Springs – Bali

A natural hot spring heated by the magma of Batukaru mountain and is located in Angseri Barturiti, Tabanan. You need to walk up and down a hundred stairs to finally get into the location. This hidden hot spring lies in a valley and filled with many green tropical plants. The color of the water in the pools is green as it is filled by hot sulfur water. The temperature of the water is about 35 degrees and you may find it different in other pool. There is also a small waterfall next to the pool that you can enjoy watching while soaking in the hot spring.

8. Aek Rangat Pangururan, Samosir Regency

It is located in Rianiate Village and is an attractive tourist spot for both locals and tourists. The hot springs are also surrounded by pristine nature so you can have a relaxing and comfortable bath. Though the track might be challenging, bathing in Aek Rangat Rianiate is all worth it.

9. Toya Devasya Springs – Bali

Hot Spring in Indonesia

Escape into the northeast part of Bali and discover the breathtaking landscape of the Mt. Batur caldera. At Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring & Camping Resort, you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of lake Batur a little bit closer. An infinity hot spring pool sitting on the edge of Lake Batur combined with the majestic panorama and the fresh mountain air will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

10. Mengeruda Hot Spring – Flores

Hot Spring in Indonesia

Located in the Soa sub-district, about 23.5km from Bajawa, Mangeruda Hot Springs offer you the Florinese highlands at their warmest. The hot spring comes from Mount Inelika, Bajawa. The hot spring water in this resort is known for having medical effects such as curing diseases, especially skin diseases due to its temperature which is similar to that of therapy spas. Besides its temperature, the water also contains sulfur and other volcanic materials which also gives medical effects.