In order to establish friendship and increase nationalism among employees at HARRIS Vertu & Yello Hotel Harmoni, then on May 13 2019 yesterday HARRIS Vertu & Yello Hotel Harmoni held the First Togethering Quarter 2019 event as well as breaking the fast together with the theme Unity In Diversity held at the Ballroom HARRIS Vertu Harmoni.

All participating employees come using diverse Indonesian traditional clothing. The event began with singing a great Indonesian song, then continued with a presentation from HARRIS General Manager Vertu & Yello Harmoni, Mr. Hengky Tambayong about the hotel achievements for the period January – April 2019.

the highlight of the event was the fashion show from the representatives of each department using traditional Indonesian clothing. Then the activities carried out every 4 months continued with the recitation of the holy Qur’an, lectures from Ustad Hanhan Burhani and closed with breaking the fast with the employees.

Indonesia consists of various ethnic groups and cultural elements which are all implicit in Bhineka Tunggal Ika, which means “even though there are still one difference”. The original culture of the Indonesian nation is a must we maintain because this is a pride or wealth of our nation, therefore the indigenous cultures of the Indonesian nation still exist let us take care of together, as for how to preserve the Indonesian nation’s original culture by conducting activities that themed Indonesian culture.

It is hoped that with this Togethering theme with the theme of “unity in diversity”, HARRIS employees Vertu & Yello Harmoni can play a role in safeguarding Indonesian culture and can create love and pride in the culture.

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