Do you get invited to a gift exchange at the upcoming Christmas parties with friends, colleagues, and families? A certain budget should not limit you from preparing the best gift! Here we will help you to find unique Christmas Gifts that fit your budget!

Christmas Gifts Ideas If Your Budget is IDR 50,000 – IDR 99,000

1. Choco Drink IDR 50,000 at pipiltincocoa

pipiltin coco drink

2. Lemongrass Essential Oil IDR 70,000 at klen & kind

lemongrass essential oil

3. Neroli Bee Natural Soap IDR 49,000 at pourie

Natural Soap

4. Aloe vera botanical gel IDR 70,000 at Sensatia Botanicals

Aloe Vera Sensatia

5. Wulandahayu Square Calendar IDR 75,000 at Gulaliku

2019 box calendar

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