Serpong and South Tangerang area is one of the fastest growing satellite city, with developments after developments to spoil not only those living in the area but also people from in Jakarta. Parks, themed shopping centers, markets, and restaurants, lots of it. Here is the list that you should have in hand in your next BSD/Serpong/Tangerang excursion:

1. Scientia Square Park

Scientia Square Park (SQP) is a 7,500 square meter privately managed open space with many facilities like skatepark, in line skate, wall climbing, street work out, baby-strolling, Koi pond & Koi farm, bicycle, kids’ playground, paddy field and amphitheater. In this park, you can also join the occasional activities like taichi and yoga classes. To enter the park, you only need to pay Rp. 40,000 for weekdays, or Rp. 70,000 on weekends.

Phone: +6221 2917 1268
Jl. Scientia Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tangerang. 15810
General Operational Hours : 05:00 – 21:00

2. The Breeze

Technically a mall, but with a slightly more refreshing twist. The Breeze is an open air ‘lifestyle’ mall that incorporate more outdoor and natural elements. Dozens of popular restaurants (and a small number of shops) placed surrounding a man-made lake, with significant presence of trees and plants in between.

Jalan Grand Boulevard, BSD Green Office Park BSD City, Banten
Phone:(021) 50368368
Hours: Daily, 9AM–11PM

3. Pasar Modern BSD

One of the cleanest ‘pasar’ or traditional market you can find around, mostly because it’s new and very well made; with high ceiling and good air circulation. Great if you live close by, but if you’re someone from out of Serpong area (read: Jakarta) we recommend having a stroll and grab a quick bite in the ruko attached to it, where many awesome warungs and restaurants can be found. For pork dish hunter,  Bakmi Babi Kebon Jahe and Bakmi Bebe are most recommended.

4. Culinary Tour

Serpong has some serious culinary destinations that will make you want to have more space in your belly; there’s Flavor Bliss, a giant open air food court with that will satisfy any taste buds, and there’s the many restaurants spread around the vicinity. For the pork hunters, you shouldn’t miss The Dock’s German Resto for its massive pork menu. There’s also B’s Steak & Grill that offers affordable western selections.

5. Aeon Mall

If you’re into everything Japanese, you will need to check out this mall that was first established in Japan and has since become the largest retailer in Asia. Aeon Mall has lots of new Japanese outlets, both restaurants and shops; its Aeon Supermarket will make you think that you’re shopping in Japan, only without the yen price tags! Some of the must try restaurants in this mall includes Kushiya Monogatari,  Okonomiyaki Tokugawa, Ramen Village, which is basically a food court full of ramen sellers; a heaven for ramen lovers!

6. Shopping at Ikea

Who hasn’t done this one yet? I’m sure you’ve braved the traffic and distance (which isn’t that far actually, without traffic) to get to the first Ikea in Indonesia, where everything is just how it looks in any IKEA around the world, including its school lunch style restaurant.

Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard Kav. 45, Alam Sutera Serpong, Serpong, Kec. Tangerang, Banten
Phone:(021) 29853900
Hours: 10AM–10PM

7. Lubana Sengkol

 saung (over the water structure, supported with stilts) style restaurant with fishing area and outbound facilities, rolled into one. A great place if you want to enjoy good Indonesian food, while enjoying the open space and maybe kill some time by fishing.

Jalan Baru Hutama Karya KM. 1.5, Kampung Sengkol, Muncul, Setu, Banten
Phone:(021) 22756687
Hours: 9am–6pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-8pm

8. JPG (Jalur Pipa Gas) Mountain Bike Park

For the outdoor sport/cycling fans, this is for you. Not far from BSD city area, you can find a 6.5 kilometer cycling track with various terrain, divided into two category, the more leisurely path that anyone can enjoy, and the more advanced path with more arduous terrain that only recommended for Mountain Bikes. This path includes what frequenters call ‘the roller coaster’ path for its resemblance to the ride.

To get there, from BSD outer ring road toll exit, head to BSD police station (polsek) and turn at a smaller road next to it, about 1 kilometers away, you will find the start point of JPG Mountain Bike Park.

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