In the middle of the luxurious and magnificent apartment building, Savior of Pakubuwono stands an oasis for those of you who want to enjoy a special culinary venture in the Pakubuwono area. This restaurant proudly serves food from culinary and creativity collaborations crafted by Chef Bastian Muntu. Inspired by Italian and Japanese cuisine, Savior of Pakubowono presents homemade dishes with high-quality products, exceptional taste, and posh visual. Complimented by its unfinished style interior and intimate vibe.

Satsuma Wagyu Sirloin Steak

The restaurant definitely offers a wide selection of Italian-inspired menu, ranging from breakfast, brunch, all-day dining, to several choices of cakes and beverages. With Chef Bastian Muntu’s living experience in Japan, his creations then have the country’s exceptional touch as well. On our first review, our selections are some of the restaurant proudest ones. The first mouthwatering dish was Satsuma Wagyu Sirloin Steak (200 grams). This lavish steak might visually appear like your home steak, yet it is actually specially crafted with a high-quality product. The meat is a grade A4 Satsuma Wagyu which imported directly from Kagoshima, the largest beef producing prefecture in Japan. As you can see, it is beautifully marbled, so tender and perfectly melt in our mouth. The steaks in this restaurant are grilled on smoked charcoal and served medium-well.

Spring Chicken Probiotic Half-Cut

Our second menu was this bountiful Spring Chicken Probiotic Half-Cut (300 grams – 350 grams) served with mushroom sauce, cream, and seasoned vegetable cuts. This dish is just far from ordinary. The herbs give such a pleasant punch and flavor along with its alluring aroma. Not to mention how tender and juicy the meat is which compliment the savouriness of this dish. What even more special is the chicken selected by Savior of Pakubuwono is Indonesian breed that grown organically. The chicken is fed with Lactobacillus (probiotic) and consume jamu (Indonesian herbal drink) that contains natural antioxidants. Not only filling up your tummy, but this dish is a guilt-free pleasure as it is low fat yet high in protein.

Tortellini Smoked Chicken Basil

Savior of Pakubuwono also wins for its pasta selection. We tried the place’s best pick, Tortellini Smoked Chicken Basil with Ricotta Cheese in Crema di Pesto sauce. The tortellini comes with the proper thickness, so soft and chewy, that makes a perfect collaboration with the savory chicken filling. The pesto sauce is expectedly delicious and we love the foamy thingy which gives a unique twist. Still, with the homemade concept, the pasta in this restaurant is also all freshly made.

Fluffy Pancakes

After the lavish savory dish, we tried the sweet-tooth selections. Starting with Fluffy Pancakes topped with icing sugar, served with whipped cream on mix fruits and maple syrup. As the name implies, the pancake is so fluffy, soft and melted in your mouth. Come in perfect shape, not too sweet and taste just like home. This pancake is something that could be your instant mood booster just from the first bite. For you a health-conscious person, this dish comes with less-sugar ingredients, so no worries.

Mille Feuille

Our second sweet dish was Strawberry Mille Feuille, a two-layered puff pastry with vanilla cream and strawberry jam filling. Served with strawberry jam, crumbs, and topped with fresh strawberry cuts. We love how thick yet light the vanilla cream is and the to-die-for crunchy puff pastry. A must-try, indeed! We ended our review with another special, eL Cafe Coffee Cocktail. A special creation by the restaurant’s in-house bartender, Joe. It is a perfect concoction of Patron EXO coffee, Kahlua, ristretto, and fresh milk. Perfect thickness and bitterness with a delightful sweetness.

eL Cafe Coffee Cocktail

Savior of Pakubuwono
Jl. Pakubuwono VI No.51, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
7 am – 12 am (Mon-Thur) | 7 am – 1 am (Fri-Sat)
P. (+6221) 22773351

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