Continuing to innovate creating healthy food, Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House released its newest menu. Still carrying the concept of Australian brunch, these 9 new menus are released as a brunch or lunch menu that is both healthy and filling. We are very tempted by the appearance of these menus which are colorful. Apparently, the taste of all menus deserved a big thumbs up.

We tried 3 menus at this time, the first is the Hawaiian Brunch. From the sounding of its name, this first menu looks fresh. A bowl of sushi rice comes with diced cured salmon, fresh tuna, sliced almonds, boiled edamame, and fresh vegetables such as avocado, carrots, kyuri, beetroot, red radish, tomato, micro herbs, and black sesame. Pour the soy sauce into the bowl to add flavor. Mix the food with a spoon, then enjoy mouthfuls of food. Not only full, but this food is also delicious and you can taste the freshness in the mouth. The portion is enough for 1 person.

Hawaiian Brunch

Moving on to the second menu, Japanese Gyu Don. A bowl of rice plus teriyaki beef, given raw bean sprouts, boiled edamame, and half-cooked eggs on top. The way to eat it is to mix it together. Enjoy the delights from the first spoon to the end. Juicy meat meets rice and eggs and vegetables that make it creamy in the mouth.

Japanese Gyu Don

The third menu is Vietnamese Brisket; hoisin glazed brisket char siu, marinated crudites in Asian sauce served on a crispy baguette with Vietnamese salad. The salad itself is containing fresh large red chilies, cabbage, carrots, coriander leaves, and apple.  This menu is suitable for 2 people sharing menus. Just cut a small baguette, hold it with both hands, bite the baguette, and enjoy the deliciousness.

Vietnamese Brisket

Poach’d also replated all its menus such as the Australian Brunch. A menu consisting of sourdough, poached eggs, smoked salmon, and avocado is the right choice for brunch. This menu has the right portion for 1 person, and it’s delicious too. With its new plating, you definitely can’t say no to this menu.

Aussie Brunch

Poach’d still has other new menus such as Soto Java Tengah for Indonesian brunch, Tortellini Prawn Pasta (with vegetarian option) for lunch, Strawberries Granola Bowl & Oatmeal Bowl, Nasi Goreng Sosis for kids. Imagined the deliciousness from these new menus! There is always a reason to return to visit Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House to eat healthy menus that are pleasing to the eye, delicious tastes, and filling in the stomach.

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