It’s around holiday time and your taste buds are probably craving for that classic all time favorite baked good: pies! In every country, there is a version of this comforting pastry; from the rustic American kind, to the dainty French tarts, quiches, or even hand and mini pies. Where in earth one would obtain such treats, and most favorably, sent directly to your door?  Here is our list!

1. Ann’s Bakehouse

Ann’s Bakehouse was a re-established in 2014 from a reputable patisserie, La Madeleine that mainly serviced the local and expat market in Jakarta for years. Now, they already have a store in South Jakarta for you to try their signature cakes, cookies, and pies on site too. Some of their signature pies include the Bailey’s Tart, Key Lime Pie, Apple Pie, and Apple Snickers Pie (pictured).

Jl. Sungai Sambas 3 No.12, South Jakarta
Store Hours: Mon – Sun 08.00 – 22.00
Delivery Area: DKI Jakarta-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi from 7AM – 8PM Every-day.
Phone: +62 (21) 2277 5613
+62 (812) 9099 9045

2. Upper Crust Jakarta

Starting from Mary Ann Wiley’s home business, The Upper Crust came to be one of Jakarta’s top home-cooked Western, or American, to be precise, catering. Although Mrs. Wiley is now already back in Texas, her Indonesian business has grown in size and popularity, including for their classic home made pies. From Apple, Blueberry, Pumpkin, to Pecan and Key Lime.

Jalan Ruko Ciputat Mutiara Center C18
Jalan Dewi Sartika 88, Ciputat
Tangerang Selatan 15411
Ph : (+6221) 743 9916

3. Eighteen Pies

Photo credit: Eighteen Pies’ Instagram

Mini hand pies with lots of unique flavors, not only sweet fruit pies, but also savory ones such as creamy Chicken, sloppy joe, pulled pork, Bbq pork, and Tuna Melt. Perfect for hampers or as treats! You can also head down to MIKO Jakarta to try one today.

Contact: 082225960050 (WA only)
Instagram: @eighteenpies

4. Lizana Foodie Pie Patisserie (LFPP)

Photo credit: LFPP

LFPP has one of the most varied menu of pies that you’ll definitely have trouble choosing just one. They have more than 30 types, both savory and sweet. From the classics such as apple, blueberry, to banoffee, avocado, creme brulee, tropical ganache, and many more. Some of their pies are made unbaked, which means you get to bake it yourself, and have a piping hot pie out of the oven for that special occasion. (you don’t have to tell you didn’t make it from scratch!)

All their pies and quiches are made to order, which means that your pies are as fresh as it gets. Be sure to order 3-4 days before.

order and delivery: 0812 89 4182 77
IG: lizanafoodie

5. Ringo Pattisserie

Photo credit: Ringo Patisserie 

Premium pies and cakes maker. Try the classic Granny’s Apple Pie, quiches, cheese tarts, and many more. Starting from Rp. 299,000 for a 24cm diameter pie.

Contact: WA +6287886566978

6. Santi’s Premium Pies

Santi’s Premium Pies was born out of one man’s frustration, a frustration at being unable to find a pie worthy of  the name in Jakarta after 4 years of searching, on and off. Now you too can share in the delights of Santi’s Premium Pies made only with good wholesome ingredients and delivered to you as fresh as the moment they came out of the oven, delivered either frozen or ready to go.

Their most popular items are their savory pies: Aussy Meat Pies, Beef Curry Pies, Steak Guinness Pie, Steak & Kidney, but their sweet ones (Apple & Cherry) are just as scrumptious.

7. Chez Ima Cherie

Photo credit: @chezimacherie 

Made to order French tart artisan that adheres to authentic french recipes. To preserve its original “goût” (taste), Chez Ima Cherie uses only selected french products: from cream, butter, emmental cheese, and imported nuts to guaranty french quality standard.

Choose from their sweet selection: Tarte au Citron Meringuée/Lemon Tart with Meringue, Fresh Blueberry Tart, Pear Frangipane (Apple), Tarte Tatin, Organic Strawberry Tart, Apple Pear Chocolate, and the Savory tarts: Tomato Emmental, Creamy Chicken, Quiche with Parmesan Biscuit Engraving, and many more.

Email     :
Mobile  : +62817468092 (whatsapp and sms only)
IG: @chezimacherie

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