JAKARTA – June 4, 2019 – Ramadan is a moment for us to show compassion and an open-heart attitude sharing the purity with others. To that end, Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta hosted breakfasting with 30 orphans from the Istaqim Orphanage Foundation in Jakarta.

The event was opened with a welcome speech by Mr. Malcolm Hines, General Manager of Oakwood followed by a speech from the representative of the Foundation. The reading of the Holy Quran by Oakwood associates, a spiritual speech by Ustadz Nurhadi were performed before breaking the fast, and after Maghrib prayer, all Oakwood’s Management and associates had dinner together with the children.

Mr. Hines said: “Ramadan is a month full of blessing and it teaches us to be more grateful as well as positive to each other. In this holy month we are glad that we have the opportunity to cheer and spread kindness with the children from Istaqim Foundation.”

During the breakfasting, Mr. Hines and other Oakwood’s Management distributed gifts to all the children.

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